Kit Badger – 8.6 Creedmoor & The Fix by Q

Kit Badger goes over the new 8.6 Creedmoor, essentially the big brother to the 300 Blackout. The platform is The Fix by Q.

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15 Responses to “Kit Badger – 8.6 Creedmoor & The Fix by Q”

  1. J Rich says:

    Too bad the .375 Raptor based on the .308 case seems DOA

  2. J Rich says:

    Cool to see stuff like this coming for the Creedmoor cases, hoping ammo cost keeps creeping down for 6.5 C

  3. G-Dog says:

    Is it just me or does the 8.6 Creedmore just sound like a newer/fancier name/refresh of the 338 Federal? The fix looks like a great gun.

    • Kris says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Guess the marketing department figured adding the creedmore name would help it be a success.

      • Probably Hornady’s way of taking Federal’s good idea and capitalizing on it’s lack of success. Come to think of it, it’s kind of what they did with the .260 Rem.

        I mean, if it gets more people to realize that rifles don’t just jump from .30 cal to .50 with no stops in between, then I’m all for it.

      • Kit Badger says:

        No, while similar, it isn’t the same. It has to do with largely with subsonic rounds. To quote Ethan, a engineer from Q…

        “Main point: 300gr+ subsonic ogive is in past the case mouth of 338 Federal. 8.6 Creedmoor blends sub and super like 300 blk, but in ar10 mags for real 400m supersonic performance w/supersonic.”

    • Ethan Michel Lessard says:

      It is real close, but 338 Federal was origianlly intended for a 16″+ barrel supersonic only. 338 Fed has no real subsonic option. 285+gr bullets put the ogive inside the case mouth of 338 federal at SAAMI max OAL for subsonic, plus the standard SAAMI twist is only 1:10. 8.6 CM will be much faster than that.

  4. MudgeSmash says:

    One of the big reasons .338 Federal isn’t more popular is its name. It is a stellar 0-400 yard cartridge.

    • Ethan Michel Lessard says:

      a 16″ 338 Fed will smoke 18-20″ 308 Win 0-300m in most meaningful metrics.

    • CallMeShooter says:

      And the fact that it is a largely inaccurate cartridge. Great idea with subpar accuracy. I’m betting the 8.6 Creedmoor will not have those issues. Can’t wait for a pistol Fix in an 8.6 CM.

  5. 6.8 pumper says:

    Ivan, where did you get the Snatchsquatch t-shirt? That one makes me giggle…

  6. Brando says:

    Take it a step further and move up to 12.7x48mm. You take worn out .338LM brass, cut it down a bit past the shoulder, remove the taper and turn a thin neck on it. Result: 650gr bullet at subsonic velocity (hits as hard at 100m as 175gr .308WIN supersonic). I ran one for years in NZ – great for dropping hogs.

    • GGunner3 says:

      Hi, Brando,

      Could you give me some more specs on this cartridge and load? I’m very interested. Thanks!


    • Rowan says:

      You mean essentially a .510 Whisper, right?