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Mission Spec Obtains Rights To Produce Sherpa Mag Pouch For Yeti Wurks

Mission Spec, LLC has recently obtained the rights to the Sherpa Scorpion Evo III Mag Pouch from Fight and Flight Tactical and will be producing it exclusively for Yeti Wurks.

The Sherpa is a four mag carry solution made specifically for the thicker magazines used by the CZ Scorpion Evo III.  The pouch comes standard with both bungee and flap-over-mag Velcro retention options. It can be attached to a plate carrier via the included MALICE clips or worn as a standalone piece of gear in a bandoleer style (strap included and removable).

The Sherpa is 100% manufactured in the United States with US sourced components and is Berry Compliant.  Black and Coyote are available at the time of this writing. As production ramps up, other colors/patterns will include MultiCam, Ranger Green, and Kryptek Typhon.

Some reports/reviews indicated that the original Sherpa mag pouch was too tight when inserting the magazine. Mission Spec has slightly edited the design to include more tolerance in the pouch area.


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12 Responses to “Mission Spec Obtains Rights To Produce Sherpa Mag Pouch For Yeti Wurks”

  1. STEPAN1983 says:

    The design of this pouch is very questionable.

    – Whats the point of extra long flap? They could sew Velcro much higher (like in all other existing mag pouches). Or is it for pushing the flap sideways so you can reach magazine easily?

    – Flap attachment on the back of the pouch is a small piece of 1-inch Velcro. This is not serious.

    – This guys don’t bother with covering hot-cut edges of webbing and binding tape. I can see hot-cut corners of the flap webbing, bottom binding, and maybe so other places (need more hi-rez pictures). This looks cheap.

    and before you say “make your own pouch and then you can complain” – I actually made SMG pouch at home

    • Brian says:

      The design of this post is very questionable.

      What’s the point of using a “-“ sign to organize your thoughts if you aren’t going to use it through the whole post? Why not use paragraphs like every other post?

      This post has many incomplete sentences and uses the wrong word in places. This is not a serious post.

      The poster failed to use periods to end sentences. This makes it seem rushed.

      Before you complain, I wrote my own post at home.

  2. Stickman says:

    It would be nice if people and/ or companies didn’t have to resort to things like the above.

  3. Jes says:

    I’m confused. Why are rights needed to manufacture this mag pouch? It doesn’t look like it does anything novel enough to be patented and it looks like it uses a common pouch design format. Serious question.

    • SSD says:

      Ahh, but they don’t get the emails and comments saying, “you bastards copied X!”

    • Mission Spec says:

      Some of this response might seem “no duh” but I will lay it out anyway.

      Business is built on relationships. In an industry as small as our (relatively) everyone knows or knows of everyone else. If you have a reputation of acting without honor (using someones design perhaps) it makes others weary of doing business with you. Basically, burning that bridge/relationship.

      Mission Spec plays above board in all thing. Nobody in the industry has a reason to mistrust us and I, as the head, aim to keep it that way. My goal is to operate in such a way that others don’t even feel they need a contract to deal with us. There usually is a contract and that is fine. But it makes business much easier if one side isn’t thinking the other is going to screw them.

      So, we obtained the rights. All parties happy. Ready to business with again.

      Mission Spec