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Belleville Boot OCP Boot Transition Guide For Airmen

SSD Sponsor Belleville Boot, created this handy OCP boot transition guide for USAF personnel.



5 Responses to “Belleville Boot OCP Boot Transition Guide For Airmen”

  1. EODFish says:

    So assuming we want belleville boots, we order the same model number we are used to but throw a “C” in front of it to annotate coyote? Are we sure this was designed for the Air Force?

  2. B_Rawrd says:

    Bellevilles CB Boot quality has degraded significantly. In the past two years, I’ve owned two pairs of CB 390’s and both had their vibram soles rip down the middle. Luckily they have a good warranty and I got replacements sent both times.

    On the other hand, their old school Tan 390 has lived for over 6 years, the sole is nearly flat from use, the leather is cracking in some places from exposure but it is still going strong. Recently ordered a new set of the tans even though the wearout date is OCT 19 haha.

    • Adun says:

      You do know that you can get the 390 resoled relatively easily, that would at least take care of one of the issues with your old pair.