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Widget Wednesday:  Power on-the-go

Many Special Operations units today are making increased use of LTATV’s and other agile off-road vehicles that enable rapid ground mobility and support with a smaller logistics footprint.


This increased agility and flexibility comes at some cost though.  Such vehicles are usually not equipped with line-of-sight radios, mesh networks, or other C4I capabilities that are often included on larger standard platforms.


Many of the smaller, more agile vehicles also don’t have mil-standard power output ports either. This creates challenges for units that want to have the ability to charge batteries, power equipment and maintain constant operability of critical electronics – on the move and off-the-grid.  Fortunately, PTX power management systems have the built-in flexibility, adaptability and ruggedness to address these capability gaps.


We have helped many Special Operations units use their SPM-622 kits as a universal power hub for on-board equipment, on-the-go battery charger, and to provide additional operational capabilities while using ATV’s and other mobility platforms.


SPM kits have also proven their utility as an on-board power hub for field-assembled C4I networks, using the vehicle’s cigarette plug or battery contacts as the power interface. The VPM-402 Vest Power Manager also delivers this same flexibility and adaptability for individual ‘man-worn’ systems, and the rugged ABC-812 can provide the same degree of bilk-charging capability out in the middle of nowhere that it delivers back at the FOB.


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4 Responses to “Widget Wednesday:  Power on-the-go”

  1. JA says:

    We have had the SPM on order for 7 months and they still have not arrived via Army supply channels. Any idea what is holding up delivery of the SPM? Everything else from the kit has arrived, but is useless without the heart of the system.