LBT Inc – Small Modular Comms Pack

LBT Inc displayed their new Small Modular Comms Pack during last week’s ADS Warrior East.

The pack was designed for the specifically for the AN/PRC-117G, but is capable of holding other models thanks to its internal strap adjustment. It also features a hook and loop window at the top to access keypad/comms jacks.

In addition to removable, padded shoulder straps, the pack will attach to various platforms via a zip-off, integrated PALS panel.

*The pictures taken at Warrior East represent the latest model while the Black zippered version is an early prototype.


2 Responses to “LBT Inc – Small Modular Comms Pack”

  1. Tommy says:

    So a customer brings in a design of his own, has them make it and then they steal it and produce it. Typical douchebags.

    • SSD says:

      I’m always fascinated with this concept.

      Did he pay them to actually design the pack? Because walking in a door and saying, ”I want a pack that does this” or “give me a pocket here” isn’t designing a pack. It’s telling a guy who will actually design the pack what features you desire.

      Patterns must be made and prototypes sewn. This costs money. What’s more, if the guy who thinks he designed it doesn’t buy any packs, how is the actual designer and now manufacturer supposed to recoup their investment?

      If a guy has a great, novel idea, he needs to either contract and pay a sew house to build his prototypes and patterns and then buy finished goods from them that he sells himself. Or, he should enter into a contract where he is compensated for his idea every time a Pack is sold. However, DoD may have something to say about who actually owns the idea of it was created while on duty.