ADAPTIV-X Is Now Live On The Web


ADAPTIV-X makes jeans here in America which integrate the Dynamis Alliance Integrated Waistband System.


IWS allows firearms, knives, and other equipment you want to keep concealed, to be attach to the inside of the waistband of the jeans.


Learn more at

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12 Responses to “ADAPTIV-X Is Now Live On The Web”

  1. WmW says:

    Is there a correlation to this and Oxcart Jeans?

    • Patrick says:

      If memory serves, I think Oxcart got bought out by these guys.

    • SSD says:

      New owners, new technology, more products coming.

      • WmW says:

        Thank you for the replies.
        I’m very happy to see this.
        I was disappointed when I tried to purchase a second pair of V2’s from Oxcart’s website.

  2. Mike L. says:

    I had high hopes for my Oxcart jeans (the precursor to these as noted above) however the first time I wore them to the office, I received several questions from colleagues on “what the extra pockets are for” and realized they weren’t as low-vis (viz?) as I’d hoped.

    I’ve had better success with 5.11 – lower price and the extra pockets are inline with the existing stitching. Also they fit my frame decently well, though neither the Oxcart nor 5.11 are especially flattering. In that realm I had better success with Prana jeans.

    I’ll be genuinely curious to see the review of these, especially fully loaded out.

    • SSD says:

      Do you tuck your shirt in?

      • Mike L. says:

        Nope, was wearing a normal un-tucked T-shirt (size medium on a 5’8″ 170# frame).

        No crazy or abnormal movements either, just another day in the office – bending to unload my backpack, etc.

        • SSD says:


        • Nunya250 says:

          That’s very strange, I literally have worn these jeans all over the world and not raised a single eyebrow. The only extra attention I received was when somebody complimented me on how good they looked. Also, I was carrying in most of those places.

  3. Stickman says:

    $220 is too high of a price for me to buy into a pair. The other series sells for $150, and again, that price puts them out of my realistic budget. I tear up pants on a regular basis, and ripping out the knees on a $150 or $220 pair of pants would just be painful.

    I do wish the guys the best of luck, and I can tell they put a lot of time into the design.

    • Nunya250 says:

      It’s all a matter of perspective, I’ve heard people say that “x” is too expensive for an article of apparel. At the same time, those folks have no problem dropping similar amounts of money on a set of combat cammies. To each his own though, I’m a firm believer in buy once, cry once.

      *I’m not implying you’re the person in the example I used above.