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SCUBAPRO Sunday – Z1 Solar Power Dive Watch

Z1 Solar Power dive watch

Powered by the Sun, this Wristwatch-Style Computer takes Modern Diving to a New Level

The wristwatch-style Z1 is a good-looking timepiece for topside use. At the same time, it’s a ruggedly built dive computer. Its hybrid construction combines a polyacrylate case with a 316L stainless steel bezel (polyacrylate resin provides better heat-resisting properties than polycarbonate). This gives the Z1 a high-quality feel and appearance, yet enables it to excel in both durability and light weight.



But where the Z1 really shines is in its sleek, technically advanced design.
A thoroughly elegant device, the Z1 is SCUBAPRO’s first solar powered
dive computer. Not only does this eliminate the need to dispose of discarded batteries, it also eliminates the need to find a power source when it’s time to recharge the battery, making it perfect for traveling divers. Part of our SCUBAPRO Cares line, the Z1 is another SCUBAPRO product that takes our oceans and our planet into consideration.

Basically, if the Z1 is exposed to light, its internal battery is charging; whether you’re outdoors in the sun, or indoors beneath fluorescent lighting. And because the Z1 is Bluetooth enabled you don’t have to worry about where you left your download cable; downloading, data analyzing and some adjusting of settings can be done wirelessly.

Simple to use, the Z1 provides four clearly labeled control buttons to take you through the menu system. All data is presented in easy-to-read alphanumerics backed by green screen highlights. The onboard digital compass lets you navigate the depths with confidence, and the innovative backlight function illuminates the screen beautifully. Its super bright white LED light is automatically activated simply by tilting your arm in the dark, using the Z1’s ambient light sensor.

The Z1 allows you to live your life in dive mode, without being leashed to a cord and power source. What’s more, the Z1 is compatible with all of the SCUBAPRO M2 and Chromis bands. A simple accessory change allows you to go from orange to yellow to red to blue to pink to purple to white. All bands match the rest of the SCUBAPRO line including the HYDROS PRO, Seawing Novas, Synergy masks and even our S620 Ti regulators. Express your personality – and your love for diving.


• Solar charging system provides hassle-free battery charging.
• Internal battery can be charged by outdoor sunlight or indoor fluorescent light.
• Power saving function maximizes your dive time between charges.
• Battery can last for more than 8 years before needing replacing. (Maximum life span depends on use and

• Hybrid construction combines an attractive polyacrylate case and 316L stainless steel bezel for

lightweight durability.
• Buhlmann (ZHL-16C) algorithm offers Nitrox capability from 21% to 100% O2 for up to 4 Nitrox mixes. • Provides full time-keeping functions, including a stopwatch.
• Digital onboard electronic compass allows for easy navigation.
• A non-step altitude measurement configures the pressure reduction based on the current atmospheric

pressure rather than using an altitude ranking.
• Large, bold numbers in the center of the screen, plus eye-catching green highlights, ensure that all dive

data is always easy to read.
• Super bright backlight can be activated for 1.5 seconds or 3 seconds by simply tilting the arm (when the

Auto-Light function is set to ON).
• Audible and visual alarms keep you alert to your dive status.
• Depth and time interval alarms are diver-selectable prior to the dive.
• Logbook stores 30 dives and includes a dive history which can be analyzed with wireless technology. • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy connectivity lets you download dives to any iOS or Android device.
• Dive modes: Scuba, Freediving and Gauge.
• Maximum operating depth: 328ft/100m.
• Available in a variety of eye-pleasing casing and wrist band colors (see below).
• Will also accept M2 and Chromis colored wrist bands.


Ultra-modern and eco-friendly, the Z1 dive computer is one of the many innovative, “green” products that demonstrate SCUBAPRO’s commitment to our planet. A stylish design, simple to use, and powered by the sun, wearing the Z1 at work and at play lets you celebrate your status as a modern diver, plus demonstrates that you are in tune with the latest technology and committed to an eco-friendly world.


13 Responses to “SCUBAPRO Sunday – Z1 Solar Power Dive Watch”

  1. Gerard says:

    Solar powered dive watch? WTF does it recharge under water? The next version will be wind powered

    • PPGMD says:

      I think the implication is that you wear it all day, so it gets charged from your everyday lights.

      Probably wouldn’t work for someone like he who takes off their smart watch to put on their dive computer. But I prefer larger more dedicated wrist mounted dive computers. Those small numbers can be hard to read when you have so many other tasks to deal with while diving, particularly while ascending.

  2. MB says:

    It’s funny. This is a Gshock that is finally waterproof. It looks like it can be used as an everyday watch and you can use it as a stopwatch for your attack board. I think it looks great but I understand that we can’t just say wow that is cool. But a watch that can last ten years. That is cool. only wish it had a GPS. But still looks good

    • PPGMD says:

      I’ve taken my cheapo GShock diving. Heck I’ve taken my Polar smart watch on some shallow water dives (watching my HR while diving fascinates me). As long as I stayed within the watches pressure limits they worked fine.

      IIRC my Gshock is rated to 20 bar, which is approximately 19.75 atm. Which would be 187.5 meters sea water, or more than 600fsw. Of course my math may be off, I don’t do many pressure to fsw calculations, computers handle all that. But it should be close enough posting on the internet.

      • SSD says:

        J valves still work too, but there’s new technology. Better yet, why are using one of those semi automatic guns? Revolvers work just fine.

        • PPGMD says:

          There are actually scenarios where J valves are preferred. I will confess I am pretty much a computer diver, and couldn’t imagine diving without one as adds safety while reducing your task loading during many segments of diving. And I am excited to see how new players in the segment will force the existing players to innovate.

          I was just confused by his comment implying that the Gshock isn’t waterproof. Maybe there are models other than the cheapo I own might be different, but mine certainly is waterproof.

          • SSD says:

            I’m 99.9% sure that every G-Shock produced is waterproof.

            • Ed says:

              The classic NSW issue and subsequent Mud-Man models that were issued in 2007-08 constantly got flooded. It turns out the older ones that were made in Korea were solid, no leaking or moisture. The newer ones made in China were the issue.

              On a similar topic, at NSWG2 a special Suunto watch was made just for NSW. Same issue, 20-30 min into a dive, less than 20′ they would flood. Suunto claimed it was water proof to 200m, they couldn’t even make it on a shallow water combat swimmer training op.

              Bottom line, I never knew Scuba Pro made watches just for timing, thats all you need for CS. a timer in the Tac-board and one for your person. easy to use with 3mm gloves for cooler waters and low-light enough to see your time on the leg.

  3. Jack Boothe says:

    I wonder how this solar powered watch would have worked out for the dive teams trying to rescue the soccer team from a cave in Thailand?

    • Jake says:

      They wouldn’t have used it probably. There’s scuba gear and then there’s cave diving gear. It’s almost two separate parallel industries