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Combat In Cities – Berlin

7 Responses to “Combat In Cities – Berlin”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Hadn’t changed much in 1988. Spent many a cold night in Doughboy City!
    CSC 6-502 INF, 4.2 HVY MTR PLT

  2. BS says:

    M14E2 around 1:16?

  3. Gerard says:

    How many people reading this really miss carrying the M14?

  4. C. H. says:

    Look at those 113 coffin boxes. That was a hard ride.

  5. NJW says:

    We still trained in Doughboy up until we closed the Bde down in 1994. My first time there was when I went down to the 6/40th Armor from the Bde. The use tapered off in the last few years, nothing like it had been used.