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CRO Medic System Preview

The CRO Medic System is a scalable system designed as a supplement to your issue kit. We checked it out last month at Warrior East and wanted to give an overview of the system.

It is comprised of seven items:

1x Gunfighter Belt – The base of the system, inner outer gun belt with horizontal and vertical laser cut PALS attachments.

1x Slim Bleeder Kit – Offers appendix carry for MAR. Designed to fit Combat Gauze, ACE Wrap, Cx Seals, NPA. Clamshell pouch opens halfway like an accordion so your gear is retained.

1x Hybrid IFAK – True lumbar carry, rides high over the gun belt. Spin it to the front and it acts as a dangler pouch. Ditch it to the back when it’s not needed. Laser cut PALS wings designed for our TQ covers/ perfect balance when running. Doesn’t move. You’ll forget you have an assault med bag on you.

2x TQ Covers – Offers great retention as well as protection from UV/Dirt. Fast access when you need it. Works with CAT or SOFTT-W.

1x Ankle IFAK *new concept* scalable. Wear on outside of your pants for fast access to a full IFAK. Features 4-finger laser cut handle for easy ditching. Give IFAK to someone to treat out of or use to plus up your own gear. Pull your suit pant over for concealed IFAK carry. Designed for a CAT Gen 7 to ride up the Achilles. Tuck tab if you want to use another type of TQ.

1x Medic Case (most popular item) set up for NARC carry, surgical, airway, any fast combo. Designed for your cargo pocket. Makes a great bag organizer.

Look for additional details on all of these items as well as others, soon.


One Response to “CRO Medic System Preview”

  1. avery says:

    Slim bleeder kit looks a lot like the TT rogue kit but not detachable.