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‘Battle Tested’ A New Discovery Series From FieldCraft Survival

FieldCraft Survival announces the release of their new show on Discovery channel this Friday at 10pm EST/9pm Central called Battle Tested. Battle Tested follows Kurt and Mike of FieldCraft Survival as they test and evaluate equipment that can be used by the military and civilians in disaster and survival response. Make sure you watch and record.


9 Responses to “‘Battle Tested’ A New Discovery Series From FieldCraft Survival”

  1. pablo says:

    this looks great – already set to record series.

  2. Bushman5 says:

    can’t wait to see this. Hopefully the producers will not neuter the content or thoughts etc of the main players. Would be really nice to see real opinions on gear and stuff from hard core soldiers , without the network editing everything to satisfy the “sponsors, advertisers….”

  3. Sukey Tawdrey says:

    I am really enjoying the show, I like the way Mike and Kurt “cut up” not to mention they are both hot!! I have set the show to record.

  4. Bridget muller says:

    This show needs to go on permanently!!!
    The two major players in it are phenomenal in it
    and their chemistry is so delightful!!!
    Being a woman, I wasn’t sure I would like
    it like I do. Those two are not hard to look
    at either!!!

  5. Bill says:

    A 1 hour commercial

  6. yogi says:

    good dudes..

  7. JenS says:

    Great show!! Fun to watch. Mike and Kurt have a ton of fun pushing each other to the limit while testing products. I thank them for their service to our country and testing products to protect our service members in the line of duty. Can’t wait to see more!

  8. Mike Allen says:

    Wow….Just what I expected from these two outstanding warriors. Keep this show going.
    I’m sure they will be the best gig Discovery ever produced. Highest standards and skills
    To pass on to all

  9. Steve Largeant says:

    The world needs these two warriors. If the brains at the network know anything about television they would pick this show up. God bless America.