SIG SAUER Releases M17 Video Series, “The Chosen One”

Newington, N.H. (September 12, 2018) – SIG SAUER is excited to announce the release of the M17 video series, “The Chosen One.” The four-part series is a documentary, created in conjunction with the civilian release of the P320-M17, which chronicles the U.S. Army’s exhaustive search for a new sidearm.


“The selection of the P320-M17 as the handgun for America’s soldiers was a historic moment for the U.S. Army, and also for SIG as a company. This video series tells the story of the P320-M17 and archives the comprehensive selection process that was undertaken by the U.S. Army,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “It’s a tremendous honor to support the mission of the U.S. Army and provide the handgun that protects those who serve our country in harm’s way.”

The M17 “The Chosen One” episode guide is as follows:

Episode One – The Search Begins: A historical review of the U.S. Army’s sidearm leading up to the search for a new modular handgun system to meet the demands of the modern battlefield.

Episode Two – The Chosen One: The search for the U.S. Army’s new sidearm begins and SIG SAUER develops the modular handgun system that would become – The Chosen One.

Episode Three – The M17 Enters Service: The M17 is officially placed into service with the 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Episode Four – Own a Piece of History: The M17 is bringing a new level of capability and adaptability to the battlefield helping to keep America’s soldiers safe, and now civilians can own a piece of history with the P320-M17.

The complete M17 video series, “The Chosen One” can be viewed at, and on all of the official SIG SAUER social media channels.


19 Responses to “SIG SAUER Releases M17 Video Series, “The Chosen One””

  1. Joe R. says:

    “Chosen One” was a little misguided. Who do they think they are? Obama? He was knutz2.

    M17’s great, still not trading for their 226, and even their 2022 /2340.

  2. Jack Griffin says:

    I hope they’ve included a clip of a butterbar leaving his Chosen One in a portajohn.

  3. Jbgleason says:

    “The Chosen One” AKA Sig tries to take a victory lap.

  4. Stefan S. says:

    More like chosen because of lowest bid……

  5. CAP says:

    “The C?h?o?s?e?n? Cheaper One”

  6. Ton E says:

    “tHe ARmy haS nO recORD Of THat” – SSD

  7. SSD says:

    Here are two facts will will upset you guys, but are things you are going to have to learn to live with.

    1. Donald Trump is your President.
    2. SIG builds the Army’s handgun.

    • Hodge175 says:

      And the SOCCOM SURG and the SDM optic.

    • Mick says:

      One of those things will likely change in 24 months. How long will the other stick around?

      • SSD says:

        Well, the Army has just begun fielding MHS, so that’s going to be a thing for the next three decades, or so.

        Alas, Trump may only remain President for the next six years.

        • Joe R. says:

          Laus Deo.

        • TominVA says:

          The Donald has a been a presence in our home for about the last three decades. Ever since Phil Hartman started doing him on SNL. Even read one of his books – or his ghost writer’s I guess.I never thought he belonged in the White House, but I always thought he was a fairly smart guy. Now I know:

          He’s an idiot.

          That’s not being petty. Seriously, he’s an idiot.

          Sorry, just had to say that to someone. Thanks all for being there.

    • Ton E says:

      Who’s upset by that? You attempted to discredit the government report referencing the drop issue without actually proving that the government didn’t discover the flaw. I currently carry the post upgraded P320 as my EDC so yeah I clearly dislike SIG. Maybe I’m just critical of their course of actionsin their handling of the issues.

      • SSD says:

        Actually there Scooter, the Army stated the government didn’t discover the flaw.

        Read my article.

        • CAP says:

          I read your article. I also read the DoD report that clearly stayes that the Army discovered the deficiency and that SIG offered an ECP to fix the drop safety defect months before offering the “voluntary upgrade” to everyone else.

          “During drop testing in which an empty primed cartridge was inserted, the striker struck the primer causing a discharge. The Army directed SIG SAUER to develop an ECP to correct this deficiency. SIG SAUER modified the trigger mexhanism to eliminate this deficiency. Subsequent testing validated that this ECP corrected the deficiency and the pistol no longer fired when dropped. The MHS with this ECP modification was submitted as the production-representative pistol for PVT, LFT&E, and IOT&E.”

          I cheered when Crooked Hilary lost the election, and was shocked when Crooked SIG won the MHS.

          • SSD says:

            Yeah, I read that report too. Since you read MY story, you know that I asked the both DOT&E as well as PEO Soldier about it.

            DOT&E told me to ask PEO. I did. They stated that the weapon passed all testing. So if it passed all testing, how did they detect the issue?

            So, you either believe a report that the Army won’t stand behind, or you believe the Army, who wrote the report and clarified the issue when they were questioned about it.

            You’ve decided to believe something that the Army has contradicted in a statement.

            • CAP says:

              I believe that the original DoD report is accurate, that the Army did discover the drop safety defect. I also believe that what PEO told you is true, that the current, post ECP M17 passed all testing.

              I also believe that PEO was smart not to make any comments about the Army’s discovery of the defect while SIG was being sued by the LEO who was shot in the leg by his faulty P320. Lastly, I belive that crooked SIG lied about their knowlege of the defect and put officers and the public in danger by not issuing a RECALL of their defective product.

    • Ton E says:

      And nice false comparison in regards to the Army’s handgun selection that was announced before DJT even took office.