Cubic Receives Orders for GATR Inflatable Satellite Communication and Networking Systems from US Army

Cubic Mission Solutions awarded orders to deliver GATR systems and services to support Army expeditionary communications
SAN DIEGO – Sept. 6, 2018 – Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB) today announced its Cubic Mission Solutions (CMS) business division received orders worth more than $55 million to deliver its inflatable satellite communication and networking systems to the U.S. Army. These orders will satisfy the Army’s upcoming fielding need for 1.2- and 2.4-meter GATR systems, associated spares as well as training and sustainment support.

“Cubic’s GATR satellite communication and networking systems offer the transportability, high-bandwidth capabilities and the ease of setup necessary for Army units to execute their mission,” said Mike Twyman, president of Cubic Mission Solutions. “We are proud to continue our work with the Army and look forward to delivering solutions that offer tremendous operational advantages to our customer.”

Cubic’s solution provides robust high-speed links that enable secure network communications, sustainment support and mission command across the full spectrum of operations, from initial entry to sustained operations. The decreased size, weight and power (SWaP) of a GATR 2.4-meter system provides up to four times the performance when compared with similar transit volume and weight antennas.

The GATR systems’ compact pack-out size and innovative design provides significant improvements in transportability, throughput and setup speed, providing essential communications when and where they are needed most.

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  1. NWJeep says:

    It’s all fun and games until the modem overheats or the beach ball gets hit by a passing bullet or fragment. It’s got the “cool” factor but that’s about it. I wouldn’t use it as a primary transport in life or death situations. Just my .02