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Introducing Terrain 365

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This Monday September 17, 2018 marks the official launch of Terrain 365™. A new brand specializing in the design and production of edged tools with a focus on utilizing their proprietary rust-proof super alloy known as Terravantium™. This super alloy belongs to the family of dendritic cobalts. Terravantium™ is a unique non-ferrous metal alloy which is impervious to rust in any natural environment. The other key component is the crystalline carbide which results in very long lasting edge holding properties requiring less touch ups over a longer period of usability. The Element Alpha-HD and Bravo-HD will be available on 17SEP18. Made in the USA.

The Element Alpha-HD and Bravo-HD will be offered in 4 colors of 550 paracord or 3mm ALSE type cord respectively. Color matched kydex sheaths are also included.





“Terrain 365 is the brainchild of Michael Vagnino (ABS Master Bladesmith) and Patrick Ma (of Prometheus Design Werx). Together they founded this new brand out of their mutual interests in outdoor knives – tools and research into unique alloys that performed in any natural environment without rusting, pitting and requiring far less to no maintenance. Any user who spends a great deal of time in the field can appreciate at the performance capabilities of the alloys being used in the Terrain 365 knives. While dendritic cobalt alloys such as their Terravantium™ are still somewhat of a rarity, both Michael and Patrick hope to introduce more and more users to this high performance material with their bladeware. From backpackers, overlanders, expedition members, divers, hunters, river runners, and for any avid outdoors person, the Terrain 365 line of goods will serve them well across all these uses-cases and environments. At least 2 other models are currently in development and more to follow.”

Terrain 365™ launches both these knives and website at 3:00pm Pacific Time, Sept 17, 2018.


4 Responses to “Introducing Terrain 365”

  1. J.V. says:

    It would be interesting to find out what run of the mill steel this fancy shmancy Terravantium™ actually is.

  2. Mick says:

    Perhaps a silly question, but after looking at website, don’t know answer… does one need to do anything special to sharpen these knives?
    Lots of stainless steels will sharpen but don’t hold edge very well, but it appears this is something different (OTOH, maybe it’s just fancy marketing-speak?)

  3. Houston Willoughby says:

    Quoted from the June post, “Terrain 365 is a collaboration between TAD and PDW founder Patrick Ma Partnered and ABS Master Smith Michael Vagnino, who’ve known one other for about 20 years. Naturally, Terrain 365 concentrates on knives, which is a passion for both of them.
    In addition to offering some great designs, Patrick wanted to bring back a non-ferrous material for knives which retains the edge,
    is non-ferrous meaning it won’t rust and is non-magnetic. What he had in mind was a revival of cast Cobalt and Carbide. Their alloy is called Terravantium. They don’t roll the material, which crushes the cobalt. Their process retains Dendritic properties of the material.”