TYR Tactical

THYRM Launches the SwitchBack S

Fits SureFire’s EDC Lights

Sunnyvale, CA — The THYRM® SwitchBack® is widely considered a must-have flashlight accessory. Now, they have added compatibility for two new SureFire flashlights with the introduction of the SwitchBack S Backup.

THYRM improved upon the design of the original SwitchBack Backup to fit the popular SureFire EDCL1-T and EDCL2-T while retaining compatibility with most legacy E-Series Backup flashlights with click or tactical tailcaps.

The SwitchBack S enhances your compact flashlight, optimizing ergonomics for searching and shooting.

• Securely mounts between the tail-cap and body of the flashlight
• Rigid retention ring helps reliably index and deploy the flashlight from both pockets and pouches
• Shoot using a natural two-handed grip (the SwitchBack Technique)
• Employ all traditional low-light techniques such as Neck Index, Modified FBI, and Harries
• Positively retain the light during reloading, and malfunction clearance

Designed and Made in the USA, the SwitchBack S is in stock and available for purchase at Thyrm.com and at authorized dealers.


2 Responses to “THYRM Launches the SwitchBack S”

  1. Mark says:

    Nice to see more light models supported, but why not a 2.0 version?

  2. Kyle Kata says:

    “Switchback technique” is just syringe, right?