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Magpul Unveils New Clothing Line

You may have noticed Magpul clothing on sale over the past month or so. That’s generally the signal that something new is coming.


Today, Magpul unveiled their new lineup. The seven new styles were created for the shooting lifestyle and they’ll be great for wear in the outdoors as well as in the city.

I had an opportunity to check everything out last month and I’m impressed. The line consists of the Magpul Logger Shirt LS, Commando Zip Neck Sweater, Reversible Tech Logger Shacket, Light Insulated Jacket, Light Insulated Hoody, Light Insulated Hybrid, and the Softshell Utility Pant.

Logger Shirt LS

The Logger Shirt is made from stretch synthetic wool that provides warmth when wet and odor-free performance.


Commando Zip Neck Sweater

The Commando sweater combines synthetic wool with reinforced windproof/weather resistant shoulders and arms. You’ll also notice an articulated fit.

Reversible Tech Logger Shacket

This is the ‘grey man’ piece in the line. The Shacket is a fully reversible plaid shirt that reverses to a solid color jacket on the other side, allowing the wearer to quickly change his appearance. Or, just switch it up day-to-day. It offers equal function regardless of the direction of wear, with plenty of room to move. It also boasts two easy-access hand pockets for storage and thermal protection.


Light Insulated Jacket & Hoody

While Magpul isn’t going to say it, you will. So I’ll address the elephant in the room right up front. This is their alternative to the Arc’teryx Atom.


This is a lightweight insulated jacket constructed with breathable, synthetic hydrophobic insulation and a windproof face fabric. It has high air permeability in order to move moisture away from the body quickly during activity.


Offered in a standard jacket and hoody version, it offers zippered hand pockets for storage.

Light Insulated Hybrid

While I’m a fan of several of the garments, the Light Insulated Hybrid is by far my favorite. First off, I love anoraks. Also, the hybrid design puts materials where you need them. It offers an insulated softshell shoulder and arms with a stretch nylon lower torso.


Additionally, Mayflower Research & Consulting has designed a chest rig to be used in conjunction with the Hybrid. Naturally, that means that other chest rigs, like the one shown can be worn as well.

Softshell Utility Pant

You notice that there’s only one pair of pants in the new line. The perfect pairing for the Hybrid pullover, this pant is made from a lightweight softshell material that is quick drying. You’ll also notice the color matching with the Hybrid.


Storage consists of secure hand pockets with internal storage for phones, two internal multi-use magazine pockets that are the perfect size for carrying 15-round magazines or pocket knives, and one thigh pocket for extra gear.

Overall Impressions

Yes, this new line is tuned for use in Fall, Winter and Spring. But, depending on where you live, you’ll wear some of these items all year. I also think you’ll find a more true fit than last year’s line.

Great designs, fantastic materials, excellent fit. Overall, an outstanding value.



42 Responses to “Magpul Unveils New Clothing Line”

  1. Bob says:

    Designed in Texas, probably made in Honduras.

    • SSD says:

      At these prices? Yes, they are made overseas. The material is foreign sourced and not available in the US.

    • C. Myngs says:

      Bob only has two default posts: If the item is affordable, he cries that its made somewhere else. If the item is made in the USA, Bob whines that its too expensive.

      However, through the unalterable laws of the internet, there will always be a Bob.

      • Ed says:

        LOL! Good one

      • Mike says:

        C. Myngs, amen. Always a Bob, only the volume changes.

      • Bob says:

        Not at all. 90% of my clothing is made in the USA. Putting “Designed in Texas” on your clothing is a cheap way to appeal to patriotism without actually helping out Americans by employing them in the production of clothing.

        • SSD says:

          So you’re saying that you promise to buy the line once it’s made in the USA?

        • Yawnz says:

          Attacking the product for being foreign made and supposedly preventing Americans from being otherwise employed is a cheap way to appeal to patriotism. The lower the price, the more affordable it is for more Americans.

        • PNWTO says:

          Your lack of knowledge regarding textile manufacturing is astounding. You’re still supporting US workers, paying a fifth of what it could cost, and supporting stability and prosperity in the country of manufacture.

          So I assume you have nothing from Combat Flip Flops?

    • EggDRoll says:

      Point being?

    • Chris says:

      That’s called. world economy, son.

      A Capitalist knows it is the right of a business to live and die by their products and their business model. A Populist believes we only shop ‘Murica, hiding behind our isolationist borders, and using government to impose ruinous tariffs and strong-arming companies.

      Seems like Magpul just chose correctly.

      • Bob says:

        This country was not founded by capitalists, but they have taken it over.

        • Dellis says:

          “Hey, let’s hop in that boat there and seek out what’s on the other side It’s a huge risk but what if we find our own place and make it?!”

          Sounds like the idea of capitalism.

        • Yawnz says:

          A dubious claim at best considering they advocated expanding the rights of the individual over the state.

  2. Cy says:

    What’s sythetic wool. It’s not wool if it’s sythetic?

  3. Sherlock says:

    Does Anyone know what that chest rig is?

    • Steak TarTar says:

      Micro Fight Rig from Spiritus Systems

    • Andrew says:

      It says it is a Mayflower Research & Consulting chest rig.

      • Steak TarTar says:

        Negative Andrew, reread.

        “Mayflower Research & Consulting has designed a chest rig to be used in conjunction with the Hybrid. Naturally, that means that other chest rigs, like the one shown, can be worn as well.

  4. KB says:

    “Additionally, Mayflower Research & Consulting has designed a chest rig to be used in conjunction with the Hybrid.”

    Hold the phone. That looks *exactly* like a Spiritus MFCR. Mixup on the photos, perhaps?

    • SSD says:

      That is not the rig.

    • Jon, OPT says:

      “…other chest rigs, like the one shown can be worn as well.”

      • KB says:

        Jon, that was edited after I made the comment. The original caption simply said “Additionally, Mayflower Research & Consulting has designed a chest rig to be used in conjunction with the Hybrid.” (Have a screenshot of it and just checked it again to make sure I wasn’t a doofus, it has indeed been edited)

        Thanks SSD for the clarification. In a day and age when designs get blatantly copied and ripped off I hoped it was just needing clarification.

        • SSD says:

          I had to edit because you made an assumption.

          However, no one making chest rigs today, invented them. They are all derivatives of old designs.

  5. Tazman66gt says:

    You can’t call something a Logger shirt and not have a red and black version, it breaks so many rules, and without rules all we have is anarchy.

  6. Joel Paskauskas says:

    I will just wait until the spring when they unload all this stuff dirt cheap at LAPG! ?

  7. Stickman says:

    Does anyone know why the pants have an large accent color coming down from the waist on one side?

    I’m not up on two piece/ two color pants. I figure you young kids must know the color schemes and lingo!

    • Luke says:

      Likely because this is what Arc’Teryx did on some pants that inspired the pocket. I can’t find many pictures, but at least one generation of the Herren shorts (and pants presumably) had the same contrasting fabric on one side.

    • J.V. says:

      I agree, I never understood the two-tone trend either. Some other offerings (notably the OR Ferrosi Hoody) at least had a few unicolor options besides a number of two-tone offerings.

    • Lasse says:

      It’s probably because color matching different fabrics can be very hard and expensive. It’s easier to buy factory standard lots and make a 2 tone garment. And 2 tones are very common in the outdoors industry.

  8. steve says:

    Looks great!

  9. LCSO264 says:

    I only have one thing to say, one colored (matte/drab preferably) shirts. Why can none of these companies do single colored shirts anymore? Otherwise, good looking stuff.

  10. minn-kota says:

    Their timing couldn’t be better. With 5.11 confused about being a supplier or competitor, there are plenty or retailers realizing it’s time to diversify. Bravo Magpul!

  11. Chris K. says:

    The Shacket is legit, and FYI it is designed for EDC. Finally, technical garment that’s easy to carry in.

  12. Stickman says:

    Why can’t I find any of this clothing available anywhere? it is like the entire launch of this product line vanished into the void….

    Anyone in SSD land have any input?