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SureFire Introduces New 1,000 Lumen E2D Defender

Fountain Valley, CA—SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce the launch of two new E2D Defender flashlights. The single output E2D Defender® Tactical and the dual output E2D Defender® Ultra. The new Defender series lights feature a high output of 1,000 lumens via a virtually indestructible high-performance LED and a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. The signature Defender crenulated Strike Bezel® offers defensive options should the need arise. The E2D Defender® Tactical and E2D Defender® Ultra are both activated with a push-button click-type crenulated tailcap. The machined aerospace aluminum body has a Type III MIL-SPEC hard anodized coating for durability and corrosion resistance. The bolstered dual-function pocket clip is best for bezel up or down pocket storage. Slender and powerful, the E2D Defender® is an ideal everyday-carry light.

Learn more here: www.surefire.com/illumination/flashlights/e2d-defender-flashlight


4 Responses to “SureFire Introduces New 1,000 Lumen E2D Defender”

  1. Kyle Kata says:

    Previous version is my edc… think I need to upgrade now.

    Does anyone know if the reflection dimming works well?

    • SamHill says:

      I believe the reflection dimming you are referring to may be the intellibeam models. I have an intellibeam fury model, and the feature works great, although the tech makes the head of the light very large in comparison to the light body. It is a neat feature, but for carry, I much prefer a slimmer body like this E2 series or the tactician.

      • Kyle Kata says:

        Oh yea, you’re right. The TIR is what I was thinking, that’s just a lens with a good hot spot iirc.

  2. swiss says:

    wish Thyrm would make a finger loop for these as well.