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XTech Tactical Responds to Frivolous Lawsuit brought by Century Arms

September 27th, 2018

Mesa, AZ – In response to the frivolous lawsuit, Civil Action No. 9:18cv-81295 (S.D. FL), brought by Century International Arms, Inc.

XTech Tactical® will not relent its inherent and obvious rights to sell what is known to the market as the MAG47™. The complaint filed against XTech Tactical® contains a baseless claim of trade dress which is clearly an attempt to intimidate a much smaller and younger business.

XTech Tactical® was founded on and operates with the highest level of integrity and is extremely confident in its position. Furthermore, it is important to the company to set the precedent that it will not lay down to baseless threats, regardless of another entity’s size. XTech Tactical® has been preparing for the likelihood of a lawsuit since January of 2018 when Century Arms first sent a demand letter to Molded Devices, Inc., the manufacturer of the MAG47™.

Before XTech Tactical® begins the development or redevelopment of any product, it exhaustively studies the existence of preexisting intellectual property. During the research related to the MAG47™ project, it was discovered that no one controlling the US Palm brand owned any patents, proprietary designs, or other valid intellectual property related to US Palm’s AK47 rifle magazines.

The XTech Tactical® MAG47™ currently available in two configurations on www.xtechtactical.com is quickly being established as the single greatest US Made AK47 magazine in history. MSRP on the magazines range from $26.95-29.95. The company obsessively studied consumer feedback and requests related to the ideal AK47 magazine. From that study and substantial engineering effort came what is now, the MAG47™. XTech Tactical® strives and will always strive to be the leading company in the industry when it comes to hearing its customers’ and potential customers’ voices.

XTech Tactical® is co-title sponsoring Red Oktober in Utah October 6-7th and will also be exhibiting for the first time at SHOT Show booth 4164.

About XTech Tactical, LLC:

In 2013, XTech Tactical was formed by firearms enthusiasts to develop revolutionary firearms accessories for modern rifles and other small arms.

The founding members bring over 50 years of combined product development, design-for-manufacturing, and quality control experience. Collectively they are listed on over 35 US and International Patents, and have been part of taking hundreds of products from concept through production.

We believe in making the best products possible for our customers whether civilian, agency or military. The company strives to lead the industry in innovation, customer service, and hearing our customers’ voices.

Giving Back

We offer a 10% discount for all active duty US soldiers, veterans, and law enforcement that register on our website. We also have corporately partnered with Trident True (tridenttrue.org) to give back to some of our country’s heroes, our combat veterans. We will be offering special edition products to benefit the cause, while also assisting Trident True through financial support, exposure, and offering individual veterans unique experiences. Please take a moment and check out their website for more information. Trident True will also be at the XTech Tactical® booth at Red Oktober along with some great American heroes!

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5 Responses to “XTech Tactical Responds to Frivolous Lawsuit brought by Century Arms”

  1. Julian Harper says:

    Proud of you for standing firm. Excellent product with 100 per cent positive reviews from everyone. Never back down!

  2. Blehtastic says:

    If you started producing these guys after U.S. Palm shut down, a reasonable patent system would throw out the case. But you’re dealing with the absurdities of the U.S. Patent system, so I dunno.

    If you started producing these guys while U.S. Palm was still in business, then you’re a dirty crook and you should feel bad about yourself.

  3. Skeptical says:

    I just looked in the US Patent and Trademark website.

    I could not find a trade dress registration for these magazines. All I found was Century Arms’ right to use the name “US PALM”


  4. tremis says:

    The danger for each company is that their products will be confused for each other. Not by the consumer mind you, we can all read the label. But when we’re on the range and we see anything that looks like a US Palm magazine not working, it’ll get filed as “all those mags that look like that suck”

    I know changing molds isn’t cheap, but the expense of saving money is that either companies product will have it’s reputation mixed with the others. That will likely help one company (looks the same, must be as good) and harm the other (I saw those at the range, doesn’t work for shit).

    • Rifleman7.62 says:

      Good Point Tremis,

      It looks like the X Tech mag has more tread or ribbing. It is field strippable as well which is a big plus. They also claim to have true reinforced feed lips which US Palm did not. Their insert stopped before actually reaching the feed lips. I just ordered a few X Tech mags, Will put em through the grinder and see what happens.