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RailScales PEQ – LEAF Fixed Iron Sight In-Stock at Milspec Retail


The all-new RailScales PEQ – LEAF® Fixed Iron Sight just arrived in-stock at Milspec Retail. The PEQ – LEAF® is a fixed adjustable front sight that attaches to picatinny rail systems. It was specifically designed to decrease the mounting footprint of the AN/PEQ15 ATPIAL series laser on the MK18 Mod 1/CQBR weapon system using the Daniel Defense® RIS II Rail (P/N:DD-8020, NSN: 1005-01-548-138). Currently, the issued Knight’s Armament Company® MK18 front sight (P/N:99051, NSN: 1005-01-473-1410) is used with an PEQ/ATPIAL series laser, which creates ergonomic and functional issues. In addition, 12 o’clock rail space for optimally mounting illumination/laser pressure pads is greatly diminished. Using the KAC MK18 front sight also creates IR splash from both the illuminator and the laser apertures which greatly increases the users IR signature. The PEQ – LEAF® eliminates both of these problems by mounting in front of and underneath the PEQ unit with almost no perceivable footprint.


Available in very limited supply with up to a 1 year lead time before our next re-stock due to government purchases. Full spec sheet can be found here.


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7 Responses to “RailScales PEQ – LEAF Fixed Iron Sight In-Stock at Milspec Retail”

  1. Ed says:

    Interesting. Why not just buy a MAWL??

    • Wake27 says:

      Right. $2,500 laser upgrade instead of a $245 iron sight.

    • Jack Griffin says:

      Because I get a PEQ15 for free at work?

      • Db says:

        $245 for a front sight is quite ridiculous..

        • Richie says:

          Generally I would agree, but this is fully CNC machined, corrosion proof, and provides substantial additional utility over the standard front sight for those running NODs.

          • Ken Rull says:

            They charge that much because they can. It’s called capitalism…supply and demand. Good on them!

            Just wait for them to sell a ton to consumers and Mil to recoup their R&D costs and make a little extra cheddar. Then maybe prices will come down. If not, then a competitor will come in and eat their lunch. That’s the game brother.

            Personally I’d like to see height-adjustable or mutiple height front and rear sight versions. Those of us who use NODs and LAMs are moving to taller sight mounts.

    • Will(not the one who wants to consolidate sof) says:

      A lot of units have a perfectly good inventory of PEQs, Unit procurement process can be slow, sops with current photon shooting equip, s4, issue gear, contracts, etc. Everything costs something in the majority of groups and thus the opportunity costs of replacing your systems may be outweighed by other budgetary/equipment needs.

      MAWL is that space magic stuff for sure though, but if you’re running a PEQ this looks legit AF! Cool product RS!