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RailScales PEQ – LEAF Fixed Iron Sight In-Stock at Milspec Retail

Friday, September 28th, 2018


The all-new RailScales PEQ – LEAF® Fixed Iron Sight just arrived in-stock at Milspec Retail. The PEQ – LEAF® is a fixed adjustable front sight that attaches to picatinny rail systems. It was specifically designed to decrease the mounting footprint of the AN/PEQ15 ATPIAL series laser on the MK18 Mod 1/CQBR weapon system using the Daniel Defense® RIS II Rail (P/N:DD-8020, NSN: 1005-01-548-138). Currently, the issued Knight’s Armament Company® MK18 front sight (P/N:99051, NSN: 1005-01-473-1410) is used with an PEQ/ATPIAL series laser, which creates ergonomic and functional issues. In addition, 12 o’clock rail space for optimally mounting illumination/laser pressure pads is greatly diminished. Using the KAC MK18 front sight also creates IR splash from both the illuminator and the laser apertures which greatly increases the users IR signature. The PEQ – LEAF® eliminates both of these problems by mounting in front of and underneath the PEQ unit with almost no perceivable footprint.


Available in very limited supply with up to a 1 year lead time before our next re-stock due to government purchases. Full spec sheet can be found here.


And Then, There Was This

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Sneak Peak – RailScales G10 KeyMod Grip Panels

Sunday, May 25th, 2014


Developed by Bill Coye of Coye Knives in collaboration with Derek Shelton of Asset Weapon MFG, RailScales grip panels are made from G10 and are designed for the KeyMod modular attachment system. The first offering in the line will be a four grooved black panel design which is reminiscent of a Coye Knives custom handle.


RailScales will officially launch with a soft date of June 11, 2014. Numerous lengths, textures, colors, and other G10 accessories are also being developed.