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AUSA 18 – SureFire Stiletto

SureFire displayed the new Stiletto rechargeable handheld light.

Stiletto was my favorite 2018 product at SHOT Show. It offers a High-performance LED and MaxVision Beam reflector. Two switches include a primary switch to activate high, medium and low output and the tactical switch activates high only and high frequency strobe. Additionally, the switches are programmable to change activation sequences.

It’s now listed on www.surefire.com but not available yet for order.


10 Responses to “AUSA 18 – SureFire Stiletto”

  1. nineways says:

    I want to see the version that lives up to its name.

  2. Matt says:

    Shut up and take my money! LOL. Seriously, I loved this when I saw it at SHOT. It fir the hand, made sense, and was a nice change from the battery tube flashlight format. If it is as solid as my little sidekick keychain light, it will be with me everywhere.

  3. mark says:

    It seems odd that 650lm lasts 1.75hrs, but the Medium mode of 250lm (1/3 the brightness) only lasts 15 minutes longer.

    Is that accurate?

    • Vic Toree says:

      The 650 lasts 1.25 hours (not 1.75).

      That would have been odd, 45 minutes makes more sense though.

  4. Kyle Kata says:

    Strobe… please Surefire, donโ€™t.

  5. Jason says:

    I could make a joke about how it handles like a TV remote which is what we’re most comfortable with…..

    But in all seriousness, this is nice! I can’t remember the last time a company made a flashlight that activates via a front thumb switch like the old maglites did

  6. SShink says:

    clip need to be ion the tail end, versus the lens end..,. in its current state, the lens will be face up and exposed to breakage, dirt and if the button gets accidentally depressed, it may shine the light upward

    • davidh says:

      with the clip positioned the way it is the light is able to be clipped under the bill of a baseball hat and used a headlamp