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Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – La Sportiva Karakorum Evo GTX

It isn’t often that troops need to scale vertical or high-altitude terrain but if you do the La Sportiva Karakorum Evo GTX is a great choice.  At 1760g it is a lightweight technical B3 option and therefore perfect for very difficult ground.  It is fully crampon compatible and with its 2.8mm one piece leather is exceptionally sturdy and hard wearing.  The Vibram sole with Impact Brake system offers excellent control on descents and ascents alike.  The Karakorum is currently in service with the UK’s mountain troops and has enabled a significant decrease in soldier burden with the lighter weight.

Although very similar in build to the La Sportiva Nepal the Karakorum has less insulation making it an ideal all year round boot and therefore perfect for the military user.

For more information get in touch by email on [email protected] or for UK customers [email protected].

2 Responses to “Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – La Sportiva Karakorum Evo GTX”

  1. Exoskeleton says:

    Since they accept automatic crampons, they are not legal in some states.