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ALL SKILL NO LUCK California Combat Hoodie Available for Pre-order

The long awaited California Combat Hoodie from All Skill No Luck and Gripstop will open for preordering on Friday, October 12th at 0800 Pacific time.


These pullovers are the final result an on going collaboration, first spotted at SHOT show last January. “What initially started out as a sort of fun, one-off project just for the sake of doing it, quickly turned into a legitimate product because of the overwhelming interest and support we received.” Said Nate Murr, inventor of the Gripstop and other popular products manufactured throughout the industry. “When that many people surprised me, with such overwhelming enthusiasm for a modernized Baja hoodie…there was only one company I could think of that could pull this off with quality and style. I cold-called Aaron Russel at ASNL, and asked if he was interested. Aaron laughed and said that he was working on his own version, and that I had beat him to the punch! That wasn’t true, as Aaron had thought of a lot of the great concepts that we rolled into the final design.”

The collaboration started, but the hard part proved to be finding the proper material. There are only a handful of companies that produce the traditional fabric called “Jerga” Baja type garments are made from, and after months of extensively searching, All Skill No Luck located a manufacturer. The California Combat Hoodie is being made in Oceanside California, located just outside of Camp Pendleton. Between the Military and surf culture of SoCal, the team wanted to update the classic Baja hoodie for the 21st century and to appeal to all fans of the legacy design regardless of their walk of life. “Pockets are never a bad idea. Look, men generally don’t carry purses. Carrying a backpack everywhere is annoying. We have a limited amount of pocket space as it is, which is consumed even faster if you carry a gun, spare mags, light, TQ, etc. It doesn’t matter if you CCW or not, you have to carry your gear somehow. The more pockets, the better!” Nate Murr explains. “We wanted to give the garment flexibility for that, regardless of how you intend to wear it. It could be skating in the city, riding your motorcycle, hiking in the woods, trailing a suspect down a busy street, or laying justice down on a cold desert night 7,000 miles from here. It has the features to do it all, and carry it all securely.”

The Features:

-100% authentic, Traditional Jerga fabric and pattern.
-Handwarmer pocket.
-Velcro lined, securable Kangaroo pocket for a 3 cell M4 mag insert.
Pocket can also used to organize and hold other gear, such as a pistol, radio, medkit, etc. when used with other industry common hook-backed pouches.
-Small Anorak style pocket located high center of chest.
-Two sleeve pockets with easy to remove external loop velcro if not using IFF markers
-Generous cut hood for use over other headwear
-Internal loops to attach a concealed cummerbund for carrying heavier loads in the Kangaroo pouch.
-Designed by veterans, Made in America.
-Introductory price of $80.00


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10 Responses to “ALL SKILL NO LUCK California Combat Hoodie Available for Pre-order”

  1. BS says:

    Well, it’s still not so low-profile as it could be.

    • Justin says:

      Use a seam ripper (2 bucks at the pharmacy) and remove the velro on the shoulders. Baddabing, badaboom. Hell, you could remove your shoulder pockets as well.

      • Nate says:

        ^^^ This guy gets it!

      • SamHill says:

        BS doing some simple mods to make it more lower-profiler-operatortastic is way easier than starting a company and producing a garment that everyone on the internet is absolutely thrilled about.

  2. Erik Johnson says:

    It’s only been line for half an hour, and the site had completely crashed.
    Damn, demand must be high AF!

  3. Lando says:

    Any word on how these fit? In the measurements I’m in between Med and Lg and if these are more “athletic” cut I may err on a Large.

  4. Zissman says:

    I bought their flannel and like it. Good CCW cover. I also bought recently a Rothco anorak. It only comes in a few colors (black & woodland are the only ones I can stomach) but this may be a non tacticool option.

  5. vlad says:

    Looks like a decent hoodie here. Their website, however, is in dire need of at least a little skill or a little luck and perhaps both.