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Reversible Inner Belts (RIB) Now Available at Mean Gene Leather

We have been reporting on “Mean” Gene Higdon’s company since it launched four years ago. This is the latest in a series of new products MGL has released, though building any of them was impossible for a while because of the hurricane. Many people don’t realize the former saddlemaker is usually up and sewing by about 4am, and rarely quits until long after this grandkids bedtime.

Hubert, North Carolina

Mean Gene Leather recently announced the availability of the new MGL Reversible Inner Belt (RIB). The RIB is designed to function as sharp, buckle-less EDC belt (with the leather outboard) or the under-belt for a duty rig (with the loop outboard), providing all the stability one needs for IWB, OWB, or “full duty” carry.

Hurricane Florence made it a bit difficult to obtain a Reversible Inner Belt for a while, but thankfully Mean Gene’s facility survived Flo’s drubbing and they’re back at it.

The RIB is very similar to the MGL Free Flight belt (q.v.), the difference being the addition of a polymer stiffener and hook-and-loop interior lining instead of a second layer of leather. This gives the wearer an everyday wear belt that simultaneously provides the option of flipping around, whether at need (throwing a full rig on from a kit bag) or just for convenience (stepping out of the courtroom and going back On The Job). Unlike nylon belts and rigger belts, the RIB is not clearly a tactical accessory.

RIBs are sewn individually at the time of order and will require a few days to build before shipping. Lead times are determined by MGL’s work load and availability of materials by suppliers.

MBL Reversible Inner Belt Features & Specs:

· Hand built using 8/0 oz. leather
· The RIB belt is available in all 10 MGL leather colors* with 5 options of matching or contrasting thread.
· Thread color options include black, brown, old sand, white, and steel grey
· RIB belt width is 1.5 in. only
· Standard sizes include 28 to 48 (US). For bigger or smaller, contact MGL**
· Male and female versions available (8 in. overlap and 5 in. overlap respectively)
· Weight will depend upon the size of the belt, but is typically in the 1 lb. range.
· Dimensions 13.45 x 11.63 x 2.25 in.
· Double stitching with #277 Bonded Nylon thread for strength and durability.
· Layers laminated with industrial strength adhesives in addition to the stitching
· Burnished and dyed edges.
· Hand conditioned with Ray Holes Saddle Butter Leather Conditioner before packaging for a soft, supple feel and increased flexibility.

*Rich Brown and Golden Brown are English Bridle Leather; Crazy Horse, Antique Brown, and Dirty Grey are premium water buffalo hide. All other colors are high quality vegetable tanned leather.

1. Wear the pants you normally would.
2. Measure around yourself, preferably using a cloth or other flexible measuring tape.
3. If you carry IWB, handgun or mag pouches or both, do so as you measure.


Need one, or just want one? Ü MGL RIP Reversible Inner Belt.

Find other MGL keep-your-belt up and support-your-gun offerings on the Mean Gene Leather Belt Page.

For additional information, contact info@meangeneleather.com.

Kydex and Cordura will work but distinguished things deserve leather.
Mean Gene Leather is dedicated to Handmade Leather products. Where the Old meets the New. Our vision is to provide the best handcrafted gear for our Mean Gene family. Without you, we would be nothing. MGL is online at meangeneleather.com. Connect on Facebook, /MeanGeneLeather/, or follow on Instagram, @mean_gene_leather. See more: #meangeneleather on Instagram | #meangeneleather on Facebook.

3 Responses to “Reversible Inner Belts (RIB) Now Available at Mean Gene Leather”

  1. SamHill says:

    I will say that I ordered a belt from him and it turned out to be a little bit too snug for IWB carry, we talked on the phone and he had me mail it back and he sent me a replacement within a couple days. It is the nicest belt I have ever owned, and he is very pleasant to deal with and professional.
    Mean Gene leather is an A+ in my book.

    • TexasAggie2005 says:

      I was the opposite. Like a ‘tard, I didn’t follow his online instructions and I measured myself incorrectly. I received a belt that was easily 6″ too long. He took it back, cut it, punched new holes and refinished it. All within a day or two, as I needed it back asap for a wedding. Three years later of daily wear, and it’s still my favorite leather belt.

  2. Will says:

    Gene is the man. His stuff is legit and holds up to years of abuse. Glad to hear they made it through this last storm ok.