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Widget Wednesday – Extending Operational Capability

Many electronic end-user devices in use today will only run for a few hours before their batteries need to be replaced or recharged. But no-one wants to carry a ton of extra batteries, and stopping for a prolonged period of time to recharge batteries isn’t always tactically feasible either.

With the PTX range of solutions our mission is to enable you to perform your missions more effectively by extending your electronic operational capabilities. We do this by enabling the Warfighter to reduce the amount of different batteries they have to carry, to repurpose the batteries they have across different types of electronic equipment, and to recharge those batteries when off-the-grid or in austere environments. Sometimes this involves a full kit of power management systems and accessories, sometimes this involves a simple smart cable that connects an end-user device to an external battery of higher capacity.

Speaking of external batteries, we have developed a range of cables, adapters, connectors, and pouches that enable end-users to connect radios, tablets, smart phones, and other devices to high capacity, wearable, external batteries and power packs such as the Inventus CWB 85 and 150, the SoloPack® and SharePack® batteries from Revision Military, the Li-80 and Li-145, the Ultralife LM-145 and M-1, the Goal Zero Sherpa®, and more.

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One Response to “Widget Wednesday – Extending Operational Capability”

  1. rearmount says:

    That PTX is pretty nifty…I wonder if there’s something similar like that on the civilian market?