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MyDefence Demonstrates Drone Swarm Counter UAS Jammer

Fredensborg, Denmark, October 23, 2018 – On October 12, MyDefence co-hosted the event Electric Storm to demonstrate the capability of the latest MyDefence Counter UAS products for dismounted soldiers. The event featured a live demonstration of the detection and jamming capabilities of the WINGMAN 103 drone detector and the PITBULL Counter UAS jammer.

Last month, DeDrone announced the capability to detect drone swarms, and assuming the same conditions, MyDefence is now announcing drone swarm jamming capability, which was demonstrated at Electric Storm. During the event, five drone operators attempted to execute a coordinated drone attack. The coordinated attack was effectively neutralized using the MyDefence PITBULL Counter UAS jammer, and all drone operators lost control of their drones.

“Drone swarms are a concern in the military domain and it has been a priority for us to provide an effective solution to combat multiple drones for both dismounted soldiers and in fixed installations. With the WINGMAN and PITBULL setup, we have demonstrated just that, and the system will be able to defeat countless drones simultaneously,” says Christian Steinø, CEO of MyDefence.

Product Features:
• The only wearable Counter UAS jammer on the market
• Ultra-light form factor with a weight of only 775 grams (w/o battery)
• Up to 20 hours standby battery time and 2 hours of continuous jamming
• Both automated and manual jamming modes
• Jamming range of 1,000 meters1
• Average power output is 2W
• Software is programmable

1)E.g. on DJI Phantom 4 at a 1,250m distance to the drone operator (amounting to a jamming range of 80%)

The PITBULL Counter UAS jammer is the ideal solution for dismounted soldiers operating in hostile environments, where enemy forces utilize commercially available drones for reconnaissance and as weapon delivery systems.

The device is wearable and weighs only 775 grams. Used in conjunction with the WINGMAN drone detector, the PITBULL can automatically jam drone signals, when a drone is detected. This reduces the cognitive load of the operator, allowing the soldier to focus on the mission, without worrying about enemy drones.

Read more about the PITBULL Counter UAS Jammer here.

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