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Parabellum Prime Announces Grand Opening, 9 & 10 November in Ottawa

Parabellum Prime is a new company, based out of Ottawa. Its focus will be on enhancing the readiness of tier 1 and tier 2 tactical teams in the Canadian market within Uniforms & Layering Systems, Body Armour & Helmets, as well as Tactical Medicine, Dive, and Breaching Equipment. The Grand Opening for their showroom will be on November 9 & 10, 2018

First seen at their booth at CANSEC 2018 with products on display from supplier partners including Crye Precision, Invisio Communications, 5.11 Tactical, T3, Team Wendy, Tactical Tailor, Hesco Ballistics, Blue Force Gear, Mustang Survival, and Revision.

Store hours are 9-5 Tuesday through Saturday. The space is comprised of a showroom, warehouse, offices, and a classroom to facilitate training for accredited professionals. For the Grand Opening on November 9 & 10 there will be refreshments and snacks provided, as well as manufacturers representatives on site.

You can follow Parabellum Prime now through the following avenues for the latest news & releases:

Facebook: @parabellumprime
Instagram: parabellumprime

2 Responses to “Parabellum Prime Announces Grand Opening, 9 & 10 November in Ottawa”

  1. JPT says:

    Interesting- especially given who their parent company is. I wonder what Rampart and Millbrook will make of the new kid on the block

  2. Ar says:

    Who is their parent company?