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Varusteleka Oy – Särmä TST Woolshell Jacket and Trousers

The other day I received a great note from the Finnish gear company Varusteleka Oy about their new Särmä TST Woolshell jacket and trousers.

We just released a really awesome outfit. Modern, minimalistic yet highly functional combat uniform made out of wool. At least in Finland, we have had a long tradition of making military clothing out of wool and approach was tested in the fire during the Winter War and Continuation War. We brought this legacy into a modern setting with Särmä TST Woolshell jacket and trousers. Extremely good in cold conditions, breaths, naturally antibacterial, naturally fire resistant and quiet.

Naturally, I was intrigued, so I checked them out and decided to share what I found.

First off, both are available in Green or M05 Woodland Camo and intended to be worn alone or under shell garments.

The materials selection is pretty straight forward:
-Wool frieze: 70/20/10% wool/polyamide/Cashmere
-Reinforcements: 50/50% cotton/polyester
-Pocket lining: 100% polyester

Särmä TST woolshell jacket

Snug fit
Adjustable hood
Front zipper w/ interior storm flap
Underarm ventilation zippers
Elastic draw cord adjustable hem
Articulated elbows
Elbow reinforcements w/ pad pockets
Hook-and-loop cuffs
Loop for sleeve patches
Four pockets:
Two zippered chest pockets
Two zippered upper arm pockets

Särmä TST woolshell trouser

Regular fit
Elastic adjustable waist
Zipper fly with button
50 mm belt loops
Diamond gusset crotch
Articulated knees
Reinforced seat, knees, shins and ankles
Hook-and-loop cuffs
Four pockets:
Two slash side pockets
Two pleated cargo pockets


12 Responses to “Varusteleka Oy – Särmä TST Woolshell Jacket and Trousers”

  1. Mike says:

    Nice product. And they have a great website. Love the copy for their Russian surplus jackets: “Today the Russian army is all fine and modern, and when you gaze upon these desert clothes, you instantly know why they drink so much. Now available a small batch of current issue Sovi-, agh, we always get it wrong, Russian stuff used today in Syria! Ugly as fuck! Wonderful!”

    • C. Myngs says:

      So true. For a cynical laugh, check out their listing for the Yugoslavian mess kit. The only time I’ve seen genocide and field rations liked together.

    • Thomas Stickle says:

      A part of the uniform is this boonie hat. This is hands down the ugliest motherf*cking hat ever made. It looks just as horrible no matter which way you wear it. However it does the job, which is to protect the noggin from the sun. You are also supposed to pin on a clumsy metal cockade on the front too. Moreover, these are finished with a pinkish scheme not unlike a pig’s skin. No wonder, this is what the Russians call the uniform – ‘piggy’.

  2. Chelsen, Garrett M says:

    Happy Halloween tactical finnish headless horseman!

  3. Joe says:

    Wow, 200 Euros, way more affordable than I expected.

    Looks nice, and the plastic of my “drabish (Sheriff) green” GoreTex is getting old.

    I’d tromp around in a variety of surplus greatcoats given the option, but they usually don’t come in size Ameri-fatty.

  4. Josh says:

    Good lookin jacket,reminds me of the limited run merino stealth from tad I picked up years ago and still enjoy.

  5. Homer says:

    Trouser cargo pocket pleats at the forward edge of the pocket = snag issue in the brush. Otherwise cool designs.

  6. JMash says:

    Has anyone in the US ordered from these guys before?
    They have some cool stuff, mil surp and new, and $10 shipping is cheaper than most stateside companies.

  7. Daggertx says:

    It’s the Finnish winter Gorka