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ORWM 18 – Beyond K6 ARX Rain Jacket and Pant

Awhile back we teased the ARX Rain Jacket and Pant. They are the level 6 garment in Beyond’s new Kyros line which is made from foreign sourced materials.

In particular, this ensemble features the debut of Beyond’s proprietary Lutra, a 3-layer waterproof breathable fabric.

The jacket has several other design features. For instance, the hood can be rolled up and buttoned out of the way.

Additionally, the zipper feature new hardware and redesigned garages.

On the inside there is a pass through and cable management for electronics cords.

Finally, the cuffs are fashioned from Hypalon.

In addition to the Jacket, there is a Pant.

It is also made from Lutra and features full length side zips to facilitate donning and doffing, but these don’t separate at the top. The bottom cuff is secured with a snap and there are Cordura patches at the instep to mitigate wear.

There are also actually zippered hand pockets rather than pass through and a G-hook closure at the integral belt.


One Response to “ORWM 18 – Beyond K6 ARX Rain Jacket and Pant”

  1. Matt says:

    In the OSRM 18 original article, there is mention of a great price (which I took to be because it was foreign sourced rather than US made). Retail shows $489.00. Hate to be that guy, but I expected a non-Berry item to be a lower price point. Still looks like excellent quality, as to be expected from Beyond!