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ZEV Technologies Unveil Two New Gen5 Slide Designs

For those looking to upgrade their Gen5 G17 GLOCK® slide, the wait is over. ZEV Technologies, known for creating the market for GLOCK upgrades, has unveiled their two newest slide designs, named the Orion and the Omen. Initially released for G17 Gen5 to meet demand for Gen5 upgrades, both slides will be produced in the popular G19, G17 and G34 sizes for Gen 3, 4 & 5 models in the very near future.

The Omen slide follows the “less is more” philosophy with angled side and top serrations to create a solid grip during slide manipulation. Front windows further reduce slide weight and provide an elegant, yet aggressive look.

The Orion slide features the most futuristic design ZEV has ever produced. Its unique styling provides for an all-over, non-slip grip. The pattern incorporates greater recessed surface areas, enhancing the grip for the un-gloved hand with less pointed edged serrations.

All ZEV slides are manufactured in ZEV’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility from a single billet of 17-4 stainless steel. ZEV’s proprietary design and tight tolerances deliver increased consistency in barrel lockup which improves accuracy. ZEV’s slides also weigh less than factory slides which reduces fatigue and reciprocating weight, allowing for faster follow-up shot placement. These two new slide designs are preconfigured to accept Trijicon RMRs and feature ZEV’s patented threaded post optic cut and include an RMR adapter plate pre-installed.

Key features:

• Machined from 17-4 Stainless steel billet

• Lowered ejection port to aid in ejection of brass

• Match grade, precision milled tolerances that are tighter than factory

• Improved accuracy and grouping performance upon installation

• DLC or PVD coatings offered have a Rockwell hardness rating above that of factory coatings

• Available in Black DLC or Titanium Gray



6 Responses to “ZEV Technologies Unveil Two New Gen5 Slide Designs”

  1. Joe says:

    Not to detract from the quality, but in 10 years ultra-overmilled slides will be the Glock equivalent to a tribal tramp stamp.

    At least you can remove the slide without lasers….

  2. Lasse says:

    I’m so confused about their use of “less is more”. Do they mean “less metal more good” or do they mean that their Omen slide is a minimalist design?

  3. Dellis says:

    Damn, these are ugly.

    • Alpha2 says:

      yup, agreed..this over-milling of slides with windows everywhere is getting, actually gotten played out. ENOUGH already.

  4. Here for the comments says:

    I wasn’t sure what to think about this product. Thank god for these experts here to clear up how we should think.