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Magpul Releases Magpul DAKA CAN

Originally designed to house and protect Magpul® Eyewear, the DAKA™ Can is a rugged, weather and dust-resistant, high strength injection-molded polymer storage solution. Constructed with a durable, externally reinforced rib design, the DAKA Can keeps dirt and moisture away from your stuff. With a high strength injection-molded polymer body, a positive friction locking lid that snaps tightly closed, and a soft, high-density foam lining the interior, the DAKA Can is your durable and functional answer to life’s hard-hitting realities. Its chemical and UV resistance also means that it will last a lifetime. The DAKA Can makes a great crush-resistant storage solution for a wide range of personal needs, such as a travel toolbox, emergency supply kit (for whatever YOU define as an emergency), loose ammunition storage, a personal hygiene kit, snakebite kit, cigar box and more.

• Durable external reinforced rib design on a high strength injection-molded polymer body
• Crush, dust, chemical, UV and weather resistant
• Protective positive friction lid closure reinforced with a steel hinge pin
• Internal protection with a soft-surfaced high-density foam lining

Colors: BLK, FDE, ODG, GRY


13 Responses to “Magpul Releases Magpul DAKA CAN”

  1. Geoff says:

    Great idea. Can I suggest making cubical soft pouches? Something to hold say 10 PMAGs etc?

  2. Wake27 says:

    Awesome, I’ve been hoping they’d start making hard cases in the Daka line. I can’t count how many Daka pouches I have and how often I use them.

  3. PLiner says:

    Magpul is turning into the Wal-Mart/ Tupperware / IKEA of the tactical industry.

    Whats next, DAKA food storage bins? Maybe some plastic DAKA team boxes to put all your kit in when you deploy? Who knows what they will think of next.

    I won’t be surprised when the Magpul power bar and pre workout energy drink drops right before the 2020 SHOT Show. You heard it here first tact-tards. Run tell dat. //end prophetic sarcasm//

    • Payce says:

      I’m having a hard time finding the downside to your prophesizing, Tupperware is the shit. Cheap, multiple uses, and packs away easily. Magpul wants to make hard wearing storage containers for firearm related stuff, I’m cool with it since they’re not extravagantly priced and hold up well.

      • SamHill says:

        I think it is outstanding that they are expanding their product line. Companies that stand still get left behind. I don’t wear their sunglasses or clothing, a couple of them look nice, but some folks probably do, and that is great. I think magpul is doing a great job. DAKA team boxes sounds legit.

        BTW men, don’t heat up your food in plastic, ever! It releases estrogen mimickers and is terrible for your hormone system. Dr Ken Berry ( check him out on youtube, big natural diet/intermittent fasting guy/natural cure not big pharma proponent) anyway, he says if you are going to microwave something that comes in plastic, move it to glass or ceramic first and preserve your testosterone thus keeping your lean mass and not storing fat!

    • .308 says:

      You clearly do not business; here is the formula.

      people will buy many of them + lots of margin = profit.


  4. SVGC says:

    Pretty cool. I’d like to see Magpul take a stab at making a Jerry Can that doesn’t spill all over you like you’re trying to reenact Thích Qu?ng ??c committing self immolation in Saigon.

  5. Where says:

    Are they out of the clothing business other than branded t shirts? I went to their website and do not see any pants, jackets, sweaters etc. anywhere on the site anymore.

    • Jason F says:

      My bet is you’ll see new Magpul apparel in a week or two at or before SHOT. The last year or two they blow out the inventory of the current year at end of year and then announce the new year product at SHOT. So right now you’re in between them liquidating the 2018 product and releasing the 2019 product. Sit tight, you should see new stuff in about 10 days or so I’d wager.

  6. Ray Forest says:

    In 2003 while in Iraq, I emailed back and forth trying to convince Oakley to do two things. Make MFrame frames in Tan and to make a tubular hard case with foam inside to hold the MFrames. A buddy was using a plastic canister a grenade came in and it was perfect. I only had to wait 16 years.

  7. Cdh-tac says:

    Two words: field humidor.