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UF PRO Releases ‘Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essential Skills’ Series—Shows How to Save Lives, Missions

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (14 January 2019)—UF PRO®, maker of advanced-technology jackets, sweaters, shirts, pants, hats, caps, and accessories for military and law-enforcement units, today announced it plans to soon make available online at no cost a video series for aspiring combat medics to teach them the basics of treating casualties and preventing needless deaths during missions.

Called “The Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essentials Skills,” the video set consists of several installments hosted by a SF combat medic who currently actively serves in the forces and has kept troops patched up while participating over the years in everything from routine exercises to hot-zone engagements.


“The Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essential Skills” has been released on the 13th of January and lays out fundamental, proven techniques for quickly, efficiently, and effectively aiding the injured in the field when no medical doctor is available.


UF PRO® added that at the conclusion of each video, a short quiz is presented to viewers and said the company will give to quiz-takers who pass all three tests a complimentary, limited-edition UF PRO® Combat Medic patch that can be worn on their uniforms.

As explained by UF PRO®, the first video in “The Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essential Skills” series discusses care under fire. Field medics need to swiftly assess injuries and wounds, then choose the best way under the circumstances to treat them. This part of the series delves into the latest strategies for keeping unit personnel alive, comfortable, and safe.


The second video describes the M.A.R.C.H. algorithm. M.A.R.C.H. stands for massive hemorrhage, airway constriction, respiratory distress, circulation problems, and hypothermia. As the video reveals, each of those conditions is listed in descending order of injury seriousness and so provides a handy way to remember which ones must receive attention first when encountering multiple casualties all at once.


The final installment deals with the actual interventions medics need to make when casualties occur. For example, shown in detail are techniques to stop bleeding, splint a broken bone, clean a wound, and manage pain.

UF PRO® indicated that anyone interested in receiving notification that an official release date for the video series has been set can sign up for a UF PRO® email alert by visiting “The Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essential Skills” webpage.

For more information about UF PRO®, “The Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essential Skills,” and the complete line of UF PRO® tactical gear, please visit

5 Responses to “UF PRO Releases ‘Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essential Skills’ Series—Shows How to Save Lives, Missions”

  1. Ian McDevitt says:

    Not airway constriction, it’s loss or occluded airway. It’s not an anaphylaxis.

  2. jk says:

    This is a great movie, cant wait for the other two to be released. As a SOG team medic and TCCC/IFAK instructor Ill be incorporating these into my training.

  3. G1E says:

    Wrapping casualties in plastic… if that is what I’m seeing, you would think there was a more effective wrap…

  4. Ian McDevitt says:

    There is. Helios, Blizzard Blankets, and Heat Sheets.

    • G1E says:

      Was I a little too subtle? The medics we work with don’t speak very highly of these products which has given us traction in that market. A plastic or polyester film is not the same as an aluminized breathable (perforated) substrate and metallic coating which is much more reflective regarding what we perceive as warmth. None of these materials alone are optimal for said purpose without buffering the radiation and mitigating moisture issues.