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High Speed Gear and Company Showcase 8 New Products at SHOT Show

For Immediate Release – Swansboro NC –High Speed Gear® and company will be showcasing 8 new products at the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Tradeshow (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 22nd-25.

Displaying with Comp-Tac®, HSGI® and company will have a variety of products incorporating all customer groups to include; eV2 appendix holster and light bearing Warrior™ holster, Operator COBRA® belt, L.E. Blue Duty Gear, Kydex® Handcuff and Tourniquet TACO®s and a 247 Trauma ankle med wrap.


eV2™ AIWB Holster- The eV2™ is an inside the waistband holster deisgned for appendix carry. With the Comp-Tac Kick attachment this holster is the ultimate for deep concealment riding close into the body, grip and all.


Operator COBRA® 1.75” IDR Belt- A two belt system, The Operator COBRA® IDR 1.75” Rigger Belt is a low-profile shooter’s belt designed to work with both MOLLE and belt-mounted gear.


Kydex® Handcuff TACO®- Combining Kydex® and HSGI’s versatile TACO® design this handcuff holder will work with multiple size handcuffs while maintaining the look and functionality of other HSGI products.


L.E. Blue Duty Gear- The HSGI® Duty Line of products functions the same as the originals, but feature a sleeker front and hidden bungee, which is woven internally. Now available in the deep L.E. Blue this is an option for even more departments and agencies.


Kydex® Tourniquet TACO®- With a myriad of Tourniquet sizes and style on the market how do you hold them all securely and still effectively? The Kydex® and shockcord combination allow it to be done!


Canteen 1QT Pouch- This pouch is designed to fit one-quart canteens, such as standard-issue USGI canteens, as well as other items like stoves, MRE’s or multiple rifle magazines.


Warrior™ with Light Holster – The popular Warrior™ holster now includes even more light and firearm combinations with the additional upgrade of size adjustable HSGI® belt mounting clips.


247 Trauma Wrap – With 5 pockets and a neoprene pad / anti-slip guard, this medical ankle wrap is designed to carry essential supplies to stabilize a gunshot wound.


“For the past few months our teams, at both our Swansboro and Houston locations, have been working hard developing new products for all our customers.  To kick off 2019, we are releasing 8 new products suited for the LE, MIL, Sport Shooter and Responsibly Armed Citizens.  They, along with our full line of products, will be on display next week at Shot; and we are looking forward to seeing the reaction of our customers,” stated Bill Babboni VP of Sales and Operations. “These 8 products are just the beginning.  With an additional new 11,000 square foot shipping facility opening in Swansboro this February and additional equipment and staff being deployed in Houston, the sky is the limit for what we will bring our customers in 2019.” 



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  1. notabombtech says:

    fingers crossed the canteen pouch will fit a canteen with a canteen cup base.