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SHOT Show 19 – More Details On SIG’s New 338 Norma Mag Machine Gun

The SIG SL MAG in 338 NM continues to impress. We got a few minutes to check a few of the features we mentioned in our initial article as well as some others. For example, it was designed specifically for use with a direct thread Suppressor. Additionally, SIG has developed an optic specifically for use with this and other weapons.

If you’re a machine gunner, you’re going to appreciate the adaptability of the feed mechanism and cover.

There are both top open and side open feed tray covers. This means the optic stays put.

Additionally, feed can be converted from left to right.

The SL MAG also does not require the gunner to open the feed tray to add a new belt. Simply insert the belt into the feed tray cover.

You’ll also notice an optic, mounted to the Picatinny Rail along the top of the receiver.

It’s based on the same technology developed for SIG Optics’ Ballistic Data Xchange or BDX family of optics for hunting.

However, rather than a separate, stand-alone Laser Range Finder, this optic features an integrated LRF in addition to Applied Ballistics software to offer a disturbed reticle as well as distance and azimuth to target on the screen.

This optic will also be featured on the SIG Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle PON currently underway and could be used with any existing crew served or individual weapon. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with a magnifier for long distance shots. SIG even mentioned offering a variable power magnifier for use with this smart optic.

3 Responses to “SHOT Show 19 – More Details On SIG’s New 338 Norma Mag Machine Gun”

  1. Patrick says:

    Well that’s just cool

  2. Chad Peterson says:

    a beautiful piece of lethal machinery

  3. Joglee says:

    Heard they’ll be submitting a modified version of this for both the NGSAR and M4 replacement.

    Seems heavy for both of those things