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Helikon-Tex to Showcase Urban and Range Lines during IWA Classics

Helikon-Tex is proud to present their new and upcoming products at the largest tactical-outdoor exhibition – IWA 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The gear spans the full Helikon-Tex main product lines, with special emphasis on the Urban and Range Line. Both lines feature totally new garments and equipment as well as new melange colours to join the current palette.

Helikon-Tex is bringing out new types of shirts, presented in more convenient packaging, that were designed specifically for guys looking for tactical features while maintaining a low profile look. Both Urban and Patrol Line shirts are packed with functional carrying space, though the first one is much more discreet in the way it looks. Shirts from the Outback Line are perfect for travelers, because they are light and dry quickly. The Bushcraft line shirts are made with a more rugged material and are better suited for use in wooded/forestry environments. Helikon-Tex has created universal shirts, not only for visits the shooting range or go into the wild, but also for daily wear, while doing tasks in the city.

“At Helikon-Tex, we’re constantly discussing our products with those who are military and outdoor gear enthusiasts. We received feedback that some are are looking for something more casual than a typical military shirt, but with some tactical features. That’s why we came up with the idea of a whole range of shirts which will be compatible with our other tactical-outdoor products, but also you can wear with jeans,” says Jedrzej Mieszczak, Helikon-Tex Executive Vice President.

New Shirts for a Tactical Gentleman

Helikon-Tex is bringing out new types of shirts presented in more convenient package that were designed specifically for guys looking for tactical features while maintaining a low profile look.

Helikon-Tex MBDU Flannel Shirt®

The key and main innovation is the combination of civilian appearance and tactical features. A well put together tactical shirt guarantees you an advantage when you need to move dynamically for instance on a shooting range but at the same time is comfortable and practical for day to day wear.
79,90 €

Helikon-Tex Defender Mk2 Pilgrim Shirt®

It’s designed to endure hard environmental conditions while you focus on work or relax in nature. Pleasant to the touch fabric, similar to flannel is extremely comfortable. Made with thicker but still breathable fabric with the addition of DuPont™Sorona® to avoid odor.
72,90 €

Helikon-Tex Defender Mk2 Gentleman Shirt®
A 100% low profile, elegant shirt that keeps all the tactical features while looking convenient and discreet. It’s made with a technically advanced polyester fabric that mimics thin cotton, dries quickly and keeps you cool.
47,90 €

Helikon-Tex Defender Mk2 City®
Low profile and daily comfort. It’s pretty obvious that none of us like to wear shirts that only look good but leave no freedom of movement to manage your everyday tasks.
63,00 €

Helikon-Tex Defender Mk2 Tropical Shirt®
To keep things light and simple without sacrificing the functionality Helikon-Tex came up with the Defender Mk2 Tropical Shirt, a lightweight, breathable shirt with UPF30 sun protection. It dries extremely quickly.
44,90 €

New Urban, Outback and Range gear

Helikon-Tex Downtown Backpack®

Designed with a special compartment that holds a standard service pistol for quick draw accessibility, as well as internal storage for a laptop or other essentials, it’s the ideal choice for undercover operations. Available colors: Black and Grey.
99,00 €

Helikon-Tex Training Mini Rig® in Melange Colors

Inspired by one of the most famous US tactical shooting instructors – we created the compact Training Mini Rig, which lets you carry important equipment more easily when you’re in the prone position, on the move, or taking up position behind a barrier. Now available in nylon fabrics and melange colors like Melange Black-Grey, Melange Blue and Melange Grey.
85,00 €

Whatsmore, Helikon-Tex is about to show a plentiful of products for the very first time.

Those include
• Fully modular Chest Rig COMPETITION MultiGun Rig® – minimalistic design, but full of power and configuration options. Extended Shooting Mat, Nautic Belt, Belt Kit and Multi Pistol Wallet from the shooting specific Range Line;
• EDC Sling Backpack to further expand the Urban Line;
• Elevation Backpack, Trip Roll Organizer and Mikro Packcell Pouch as a great tools to fulfill the Outback Line,
• Completely new MBDU Wildwood® uniform (Modern Basic Duty Uniform), Map Case and Guardian Pack from the Patrol Line.

5 Responses to “Helikon-Tex to Showcase Urban and Range Lines during IWA Classics”

  1. Patrick Aherne says:

    My Helikon Tex pack is awesome. Great price to value ration, nice stitching and real Cordura materials.

  2. JM Gavin says:

    The Training Mini-Rig will blend well when worn over a Canadian tuxedo.

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    “Completely new MBDU Wildwood® uniform (Modern Basic Duty Uniform), Map Case and Guardian Pack from the Patrol Line.”

    Heavy breathing commences…..

  4. Sommerbiwak says:

    paging GarandThumb

  5. straps says:

    11/10 would buy but for (a) the Soviet-era colors in those plaids, and (b) the contrasting rotation of the pockets and flaps, which actually draw attention to the wearer.