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IWA 19 – Fenix Protector SpringLOCK2 Pouches

From the Czech Republic comes the PALS compatible SpringLOCK2 family of pouches by Fenix Protector.

Made from a laser cut nylon laminate, the SpringLOCK2 closure system is silent and can be used one-handed.

There are pouches for 5.56 and 7.62 magazines as well as grenades and general purpose use.

8 Responses to “IWA 19 – Fenix Protector SpringLOCK2 Pouches”

  1. SShink says:

    What applies pressure to keep the latch made?

    • Adun says:

      It looks like it stays in purely by being inserted deeply enough into the slot. It appears that the tab is made out of some kind of plastic, so the stiffness should help with that. I would be more interested in how easily the flaps would be to close when you are out and about. It seems like more of an admin thing right now from what I am looking at.

      • Dominik says:

        The idea comes from Czech Paratroopers who tested this for several years. Especially designated marksmen are very happy with magazine pouches. Cheers!

  2. Dominik says:

    Nice to see you Eric at IWA. Just a side note, Spring Lock 2 is patent protected. If you have ideas for innovation, development or general questions, please send us an email
    We would love to to hear from all the good folk out there.

    Best regards


    • Adamn says:

      Hey Dominik,

      What about durability of the latch? No issues with breaking in temperatures below zero or if bent too much?

      Nice idea, I always liked the old steel hook on elastic closure system.

      • Dominik says:

        Hey Adamn, the latch is made out of polyethylene which is build for +50 to -30 degrees
        celsia. I can only say that it is out in the field for quite some time ( years ) and we
        haven’t received negative feedback. Rather the opposite.
        Yeah, the Spring Lock 1 was pretty cool, but extremely complicated ( construction wise ) compared to Spring Lock 2.

  3. smeki says:

    great to see czech products covered here on SSD. Springlock (whether gen1 or gen2) is IMO the best solution for mag pouches. Silent, easy to operate a reliable.