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IWA 19 – Winter Overboot by 5.45 Design

5.45 Design is a Russian company specializing in soldier systems. Not only do they manufacture clothing, helmets and armor, they also make small arms components. Everything I looked at was made in Russia from brand name materials and not only exhibited high quality, but were also well thought out.

At IWA they concentrated on clothing and helmets, but I wanted to share something that isn’t readily available from other manufacturers; their winter overboot. Insulated with Primaloft, it will take a wearer in a standard boot down to -10 deg C.

The step-in design extends up to the knee.

It features two shock cords at the ankle and one at the top for fit adjustment.

A zipper at the rear makes donning and doffing a simple affair.

On the sole is non slip material.

12 Responses to “IWA 19 – Winter Overboot by 5.45 Design”

  1. Ed says:

    A-Haaaa! There’s the Russian “collusion”!! Lol

    …but seriously, this design looks good. Any U.S. made design over-boot like this exist for us cold weather frogs?

    Have a great weekend!

    • AbnMedOps says:

      Wiggy’s (Wiggys.com) has some different variants of something like this. Overboots, boots, mukluks, camp booties.

  2. Adun says:

    Most grammar and spelling mistakes don’t matter very much in the grand scheme of things, and this one isn’t a huge deal either, but I feel it is worth pointing out since the intention of the statement is changed due to a missing word.

    “…materials and not exhibited high quality, but were also well thought out.”


  3. jellydonut says:

    How do they make these things last? The sole doesn’t look like it is reinforced in any special way.

  4. rob chan says:

    What kind of surface is this designed for… that’ll probably last all of two seconds in real terrain.

  5. Mick Mark says:

    I like this concept, wonder how quiet the material is? Would be great for hunting applications where one could walk quietly through the woods to a Deerstand and then have over boots to keep feet warm while sitting for long periods of time.

    • Ed says:

      Awesome, thank you.

      Too bad only midget size 7.5 in stock.

    • Daggertx says:

      I have these and they are of good quality, fairly lightweight. Utility is up for debate. Are you going to be static in subzero conditions for an extended period?

  6. Hein says:

    What is the advantage of these over the Norwegian overboot? They go down to much lower temperatures.

    Not cheap, but those ARE readily available online. Work perfect in the Artic!

  7. Joe says:

    These don’t look very robust. NEOS have been around for years, they work, and the price is right. Most find the insulated versions too hot on the march.


  8. Maroon Beret says:

    Everyone who is recommending other styles, companies etc., are missing the point. The Soviet model is OD and that alone makes it worth having. Let’s admit it. If McDonalds wrapped their burgers in camo paper we’d eat there and no where else because well, it’s camo and that’s reason enough. Stop injecting logic into the decision making process because of you do, we’d all start shopping at LL Bean for 98% of our kit and buy the other two percent from a surplus store and be perfectly content, and properly outfitted. Tactical gear in camo or OD is what shoes are to Imelda Marcos. We’re all addicted to tactical porn.