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IWA 19 – Orthos Med Pouch from FROG.PRO

Italian manufacturer FROG.PRO showed their Orthos Med Pouch. Made from a laminate, it is laser cut to be both PALS and shock cord compatible. It incorporates a glove dispenser, TQ holder and the Medical Cross insert can be swapped out for Red, White, Black, GITD or IR.

It’s a sleeve design which uses their Multi Purpose Organizers, which are both PALS and shock cord compatible, to organize the contents of the first aid kit. The Orthos will accept two, one inserted from either end, with the clearly marked Pull tabs visible. As you can see in the photo above, the Orthos features shock cord at the corners of the openings to keep the MPOs from falling out.

The Orthos can be carried one of three ways. It has built-in PALS compatible straps, 2″ belt wraps, or a zipper to attach below other platforms via their abdominal panel accessory.

Below, you can see it attached to the Modular Reconnaissance Task Bag set up as a chest rig. It will also fit their armor carriers.

2 Responses to “IWA 19 – Orthos Med Pouch from FROG.PRO”

  1. bradkaf308 says:

    Nice, I want though the Multi Purpose Organizers, a couple maybe.

  2. Adam says:

    The Modular Reconnaissance Task Bag is definitely HPG kit bag-esque and also has some neat features of its own. I had never heard of this company, but it looks like they’re doing some things that are more than just making another PC, pouch, etc.