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TangoDown Magazine Floorplate Removal Tool for GLOCK

 TangoDown® Inc. introduces the Magazine Floorplate Removal Tool for GLOCK® (GFRT-01).  Disassembling GLOCK® magazines isn’t always the most enjoyable task and the GFRT-01 was developed to make the process easier.  Despite the reliability of GLOCK® magazines, they still require maintenance to maintain their longevity.  

The GFRT-01 removes floorplates on GEN1 through GEN5 GLOCK® factory magazines.  The tool allows for proper leverage to remove the floorplate without damage.

To learn more about the TangoDown® GFRT-01, visit

**Does NOT work with G42/G43 OE finger rest floorplates.


7 Responses to “TangoDown Magazine Floorplate Removal Tool for GLOCK”

  1. EODMadBomb says:

    Am I the only one who cuts the tabs off, so I can easily remove the floorplate?

    • rob371 says:

      You absolute madman.

    • Matt in Oklahoma says:

      Probably not but you should be

    • robcollins says:

      I’m befuddled that anyone with opposable thumbs and any random object that fits “kinda” in that hole would struggle to remove a floorplate.

      Imagining the sound of the mag spring flying out when a mag flies apart when I really didn’t want it to….

  2. Matt in Oklahoma says:


  3. tremis says:

    Is this a licensed version of the one that came out years ago? Is it any better?

  4. OkieRim says:

    I got on of these a few years ago, its sorta the same but red.