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XTech Tactical Launches “Benitez Sale” and now offering even more Standard Capacity!

April 4th, 2019


Mesa, AZ – To celebrate Judge Roger Benitez’s ruling XTech Tactical® is offering a special sale on its website through this Sunday! XTech Tactical is also offering a MAP holiday to its stocking dealer network for its AK magazines currently in stock through 04/07/2019.

– MAG47 5 Pack @ $110

– MAG47BHO 5 Pack @ $120

The MAG47 has become the Gold Standard in US production AK47 magazines! The MAG47 features stainless steel reinforced locking lugs and feed lips, industry leading polymer, and a stainless-steel spring.

XTech Tactical also has begun offering its ‘Free State Adaptors’ for its Commufornia Special 10/30 magazines. The Free State Adaptor requires no tools to install and includes a full-length spring and spring button to replace the blocker and shortened spring shipped with the 10/30 magazines.

*Sale will be active from date of publication to 04/07/2019

*The company is currently shipping to California and has increased capacity to support orders

*Revised Portion Below*

ATTN California Customers:

The company will work at fast as possible to get as many California orders out as possible before the 4:30pm post office cut off on 04/05/2019.

The company is seeking clarification on if the cut-off of 5pm restricts shipments made by that time or orders placed.

IF you order an AK magazine above 10rds and the cut off refers to shipments made, your order will convert to a MAG47 10/30 at no additional charge (please allow appropriate time for production as order volumes will dictate). REMEMBER, should your state again become free or you relocate to a free state, the FREE STATE ADAPTERS are $4.95 and ship to all free standard capacity states. All sales from our website of the 10/30’s will continue to go towards fighting for your rights! The company has reached out to CRPA to learn more about their organization. But the company will continue to support Gun Owners of America regardless!

One Response to “XTech Tactical Launches “Benitez Sale” and now offering even more Standard Capacity!”

  1. Alpha2 says:

    CRPA spearheaded this lawsuit. Living in California they have been one organization that has continually had my support and $$$ for the past twenty years. One organization that always has Californians back regarding freedom and 2A.