FirstSpear Friday Focus – OEM Partner Series, Triad Tactical Rifle Forend Wrap

Today’s Friday Focus marks yet another installment in the FirstSpear OEM Partner series, where we take a look at one of FirstSpear’s Industry OEM partners and one of the products FirstSpear manufacturers for them. We revisit Triad Tactical and their Rifle Forend Wrap.

Constructed with a low profile loop bonded to a rubberized hypalon provides an exceptional amount of traction, friction, and padding on the foreend of any rifle. The RFW is non-slip, providing extra grip in your hand, even when wet. When held against a hard material like a barricade, wall, tree or rock, the RFW reduces movement when shooting, allowing for better shot placement and follow-up shots.

The RFW is made of a rubberized material that is bonded to the soft/loop side of Velcro. The wraps can be mounted using the strips of sticky backed Velcro (provided) or with the shoelace option(the small size is Velcro only, no shoelace option). The RFW can also be trimmed by the user to create cut-outs for bipod studs, pic rail etc.

Designed by Triad Tactical and Made in the USA with USA Materials by FirstSpear.

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