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Bridgedale Introduces First Waterproof Sock Range

Britain’s number one outdoor performance sock brand, Bridgedale, is introducing its first 100% waterproof sock range called Storm this spring.  

Developed to provide wet weather protection and day long comfort, it combines Bridgedale’s unique FusionTech™ with a HydroTech™ Waterproof, Breathable and Windproof membrane.  The new Storm range has been designed and tested to perform to the highest standards in the wettest conditions when hiking, biking or running.

Continuing to build on Bridgedale’s century-long sock making heritage, the 100% Waterproof Storm sock guarantees foot protection and comfort on the wettest trails. Even though Bridgedale has been keeping feet warm, dry and protected for many years, providing a good level of water resistance, this is the brand’s first 100% Waterproof sock range.

Using the latest production processes, the Storm sock combines advanced yarn technology with progressive design to ensure the waterproof, extremely breathable and windproof Storm sock never lets down any outdoor enthusiast.

Inner Sock

The next-to-the-skin inner sock, made from up to 60% Merino Wool, that’s renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties, is combined with wicking synthetic fibres to deliver a stable temperature and move moisture from the skin’s surface. The lining features a terry loop underfoot cushion that extends around both the toes and over the heel to ensure comfortable feet in wet conditions.

HydroTech™ membrane

The three-layer construction features at its core, a Waterproof, Breathable, high stretch and Windproof HydroTech™ permeable membrane, which when laminated to the inner and outer layers creates a 100% Waterproof stretchable and good fitting sock.

Bridgedale is confident that, after a three-year rigorous testing period, it can confidently guarantee the minimum specifications for the HydroTech™ membrane*:

Membrane breathability: moisture permeability >12,000mg/m*m/24h

Membrane waterproofness: Hydrostatic head >8,000mm

Outer Sock

The Nylon outer protects the waterproof sock against abrasion from footwear. LYCRA® provides excellent stretch to ensure the sock is easy to pull on and off and guaranteeing a snug, comfortable, high performance fit and a sock that won’t fall down during activities.  As well as LYCRA® running through the inner and outer sock, it is also added around the arch of the foot to keep the sock firmly in position, reducing any bunching or rucking inside the shoe or boot that could cause irritation.

The Storm sock is available in three lengths:

Ankle: fitting just above ankle bone, this length is perfect for running or walking in wet conditions

Boot: designed to fit around the middle of the calf, this length keeps the lower leg warm and dry and can be paired with waterproof trousers or gaiters to prevent water ingress at the top. Boot length is ideal for mountaineering, hillwalking and mountain biking.

Knee: giving full lower leg coverage and protection, this maximum length is perfect for wading through streams or rivers or running or riding in shorts when the weather turns colder.

The three weights available are:


Close fitting and designed for activities where maximum breathability and minimum insulation is required.  Perfect for warmer weather, high octane activities such as mountain biking and trail running. Pair with Bridgedale’s Coolmax Liner to keep feet fresher for longer.


With a terry cushioned footbed and ankle, this sock is idea for outdoor activities where a good balance of warmth and breathability is required, from biking and running to hiking and mountaineering


This sock has full terry cushioning throughout and is perfect for cold weather activities such as winter walking, hiking and biking.  Pair with Bridgedale’s Thermal Liner for more extreme cold weather activities such as winter mountaineering and multi-day expeditions.

For further information on the new Waterproof Storm sock range please visit www.bridgedale.com.

2 Responses to “Bridgedale Introduces First Waterproof Sock Range”

  1. mike says:

    I absolutely fell in love with their Bamboo Crew socks when I worked for a Bridgedale dealer, but can’t find them anywhere in the states since GSS stopped carrying them. I even bought out the onesies and twosies a couple of shops on eBay had kicking around. Anyone know of a US source for Bridgedale these days?

  2. Ex Coelis says:

    @ Mike –
    Email – sales@oscnainc.com
    Website – http://www.oscnainc.com