DDR Grenzaufklärer

If you ever patrolled the border trace of the Inter-German Border between East West during the Cold War, you invariably encountered the Grenzaufklärer, or Border Troops of the German Democratic Republic.

5 Responses to “DDR Grenzaufklärer”

  1. mikeinthesouth says:

    I read german better than I can listen and translate. Wish I could do both well! Always find the cold war stuff interesting from that side of the curtain.

  2. Chris O`Crooh says:

    I saw the photo in Len Cacut`s book, “Survival” or “Combat”.
    There is a nice clip of NVA, with a catchy tune – yeah, Jerrys can modify even a drinking song to marching one 😉

    One thing is interesting, Strichmuster was worn on the “Class A” uniform and shirt with a tie. Very classy, but overheating must have been a serious problem.

  3. AbnMedOps says:

    I remember these Commie goons in their towers using binoculars and cameras to read our nametapes when we did the Tri-border Area orientation tour in ’88.

  4. SShink says:

    1985, Fulda gap – Anytime you showed up near the border with officers, 2 or 3 olive drab Chevette looking vehicles with large Mercedes logos on the grill would appear out of nowhere and roll up to the first row of fencing. Then several of these guys would jump out of each car, like a clown car act…with binoculars that looked like 2 spotting scopes clamped together and stare you down until you left. Couldn’t help but laugh every time.