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SOF Select 19 – Massif Jungle Uniform

Massif has unveiled their new Jungle Uniform, printed in OCP.


Designed to be lightweight, durable, breathable, and quick drying, the uniform is made from a Cordura NYCO fabric technology.


• Mesh-lined pockets allow for fantastic dry times
• Dual-caped mesh-vented back for enhanced breathability and optimal cooling
• Cuff tabs with internal insect guard mesh


• Gusseted inseam for full range of motion
• Internal mesh gaiters and elastic closure with roll tabs
• Reinforced seams for improved performance
• Built-in knee articulation


11 Responses to “SOF Select 19 – Massif Jungle Uniform”

  1. Strike-Hold says:

    What type of Corura NyCo is that? I t looks lighter and “airier” than the usual type.

  2. Big Red One - Ramadi OIF II says:

    Shouldn’t Massif produce their “Jungle Uniform” in multicam tropic?
    seems to be a more appropriate camo.
    And let’s be real; any units purchasing them specifically for jungle can probably use that camo pattern…

  3. goat89 says:

    Interesting its got mesh gaiters. i cant remember if i have seen it before.

    • Pete says:

      It’s a feature on a few of the current crop of special/limited-issue Jungle Uniforms like the Tyr one and also included in the new IHWCU that is authorized for wear on June 1 (according to specs and pics anyways – I haven’t seen them yet)

  4. Pete says:

    SSD, having seen both, can you comment on how these compare to the new Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform (IHWCU)(also known as the 25th ID Jungle Uniform) which will be available for wear, purchase, and OCIE issue starting a week from now on June 1 (As you reported back in April based on the ALARACT [which I’ve still hear literally nothing else about from anyone else, lol])

    In what way is this Massif option better or worse than that? Does the fabric feel more/less durable? More/less pajama like?

    • SSD says:

      Both fabrics contain Cordura fibers. This one goes a bit further with a lot more ventilation as well as mesh backed full front zipped chest pockets like on the level five.

    • farawaysoldier says:

      I am wearing the IHWCU now here in Hawaii and I like that its back to the slanted arm pockets. I do not like the one above and there is also a top button in which the IHWCU does not have.

  5. Dr. Blutwurst says:

    Good idea, if mesh is thick enough to keep away even small ticks. Well, ask me in two weeks:)