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SOF Select 19 – S&S Precision Rhodesian Vest

S&S Precision has unveiled their new Rhodesian Vest which is constructed from a waterproof laminate, backed by Tegris for structure.

The Rhodesian Vest is modular and scalable. The shoulder straps can be attached via split buckle or direct mount. Padding is optional. You can also see a horizontal MOLLE Panel for the front, although there is a hanger Admin Panel also available.

Here you can see the ergonomic rear harness construction. There is also hydration carrier available as well.

Finally, above you can see the waterproof bag which features PALS webbing at the front and tuck tabs at the rear as well as an oral inflation valve at the side. There is also a waterproof zipper which covers 3/4 of the side circumference.

5 Responses to “SOF Select 19 – S&S Precision Rhodesian Vest”

  1. Hodge175 says:

    What uniform is that in the first picture.

  2. maxis says:

    What is that camo pattern in the 3rd pic?

  3. odgusa says:

    Nice Belt LOL…..