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Ops-Core Mission Configurable Helmet Cover

If you’re using a U.S. Army ACH, USMC MICH Type II, or Gentex Low Cut Tactical Ballistic Helmet and aren’t allowed to configure it with ARC rails and a night vision shroud, then the Mission Configurable Helmet Cover is your answer.

The cover incorporates these features: Ops-Core Skeleton One-Hole Shroud, ACH Skeleton ARCs with bungees, and exterior VELCRO brand fasteners for other accessories.

The shroud is attached through the single hole in the helmet and the ARC rails are securely attached to the cover which is held in place with multiple strips of VELCRO. These have been fielded by multiple organizations and work.

They are offered to fit the corresponding helmet size and can be had in a multitude of colors and camouflage patterns.


6 Responses to “Ops-Core Mission Configurable Helmet Cover”

  1. John M says:

    That is probably one of the most ingenious kits I’ve seen in awhile – why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?

    • Sean says:

      Ops-Core has had them around for a while. I remember seeing a post about it on SSD back in 2012 (I think) about them and wishing they were compatible with the helmets we were issued in the Corps back then.

      • John M says:

        Do you know how stable they are in comparison to Revision’s Helmet Modernization kits?

  2. Rodney says:

    Waaaaaay Cool!

  3. .308 says:

    lead time? 18 months?

  4. John says: