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Ballistic Helmets & Shields from Propper International

As Propper International increases their range to support law enforcement they have introduced Ballistic Helmets and Shields.

Helmets & Visors

Their ballistic high cut helmet meets NIJ Level IIIA. They also offer clear ballistic visors.


Additionally, Propper is offering NIJ III & IIIA Shields, with or without integrated lights.

3 Responses to “Ballistic Helmets & Shields from Propper International”

  1. Alex says:

    That helmet geometry looks suspiciously ops-core like

    • PLiner says:

      “That helmet geometry looks suspiciously ops-core like”

      I think you mean it looks exactly like the Protec skateboard helmet from back in the day, that OpsCore pretty much copied outright, with the exception of a flatter forehead area to accommodate the NVG mount.

  2. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Shields are often something that looks good on paper but until you work it you just don’t know. The cuts are rounded and sloped and look harder to hold your long gun or LTL on. I’d just have to try it.