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TNVC PVS-14 Non-Powered Bridge Mount-Dovetail (NPBM-D) Now In Stock and Shipping at TNVC!


TNVC is happy to announce that the new TNV/PVS-14 NPBM-D (Non-Powered Bridge Mount – Dovetail) is now in stock and shipping!

Based on the TNV/PVS-14-PBM-A Powered Bridge Mount, the NPBM-D was conceived to provide lightweight, low-cost option for military and law enforcement customers that already have large fleets of PVS-14 MNVDs (Monocular Night Vision Devices) as well as civilian enthusiasts that may already have PVS-14s and provide them with BNVD capability, offering improved depth perception, increased situational awareness, and PID range.

The TNV/PVS-14-NPBM-D retains the yoke and fastener attachment of the PBM-A that allows the best possible lockup and alignment of dual PVS-14s into a retrofit binocular configuration, and is one of the lightest PVS-14 bridge mount systems currently on the market, weighing in at 2.93 ounces and is constructed from Delrin polymer and 6061 T6 anodized aluminum, and requires no modifications to the host unit and is compatible with all MIL-SPEC PVS-14, AN/PVS-14, TNV/PVS-14, and NG/PVS-14 systems.

The NPBM-D also features independently articulating arms, allowing users to adjust the interpupillary distance (IPD), as well as swiveling one or both monoculars out of the way if the user needs to use their natural vision. This rotating feature, also allows the goggle to stow more closely to the user’s helmet, both distributing the weight more evenly, and allowing the user to maintain a lower profile when the goggles stowed.

With a commercial MSRP of $315, the NPBM-D is available for individual an agency/unit sales and currently in-stock and shipping! Government sales and quote requests can be sent to [email protected]

The NPBM-D is manufactured in the U.S. out of Delrin polymer and 6061 T6 aluminum.

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  1. Brendan says:

    They need to get an NSN assigned yesterday! Great product.