LaserMax Introduces the Lightning Rail Mounted Laser with GripSense Activation

Bloomfield, NY – LaserMax has introduced the most anticipated laser product of 2019. The “Lightning” is a universal fit rail mounted laser with GripSense™ Activation Technology. The new laser fits any firearm with at least 1” of accessory rail space and is designed to withstand rigors of everyday concealed carry and hard duty use.

“Having the most advanced laser technology inside the firearm with our guide rod lasers, we now have the most advanced technology for outside the gun with GripSense,” said Kurt Worden Director of Sales for LaserMax Products. “Making this available now for pistols with rails opens up an entire new opportunity for consumers who don’t want to worry about pressing a button for activation”

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GripSense represents the newest generation of laser activation technology by simplifying the activation process. The user simply grips the firearm, setting off a motion sensor once in the detection zone, which then activates the laser immediately and does not require the user to change their firing grip. Additionally, the Lightning with GripSense Activation Technology includes some significant innovations including a fully programmable operating mode, and up to twenty hours of continuous battery life-  safeguarded from inadvertent drain by a ten-minute time out feature. The Lightning will come in Vivid Red or Daytime Green, green being the most visible color to the human eye.

Key Features include:
  – Rail mounted allowing it to work with over 90% of pistols in the market today
  – GripSense Activation senses the users grip within the detection zone and activates the sight
  – Dual activation capable with either GripSense or controlled push button
  – Does not alter your shooting grip
  – Easily programmable for steady or high-vis pulsed beam
  –  External Battery access hatch with tool-less entry
  – Water resistant design
  – 5 year warranty

  – GS-LTN-R (Red) – $149.99
  – GS-LTN-G (Green) – $199.99

One Response to “LaserMax Introduces the Lightning Rail Mounted Laser with GripSense Activation”

  1. EODMadBomb says:

    Ok, so the term “Motion Sensor”, had me confused. I pictured it always being active as I walked around. Obviously that couldn’t be right.

    Upon further research, I think I get it now. As you grip the handgun, and your trigger finger indexes along the frame, the lasermax senses your finger (like your phone does) and activates the unit.

    If I’m wrong, someone please set me right.