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Marco Refill Kits Now Available from Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear’s revolutionary Marking And Recognition Chemstick Organization dispenser – MARCO – just got better with the introduction of MARCO Refill Kits.

MARCO streamlines the pre-mission preparation of marking lights that are in use by top tier military and law enforcement units that Blue Force Gear is proud to support. Our new refill kits are being brought to market at the request of these end-users, who desire the ability to quickly top-off, or completely refill, dispensers when used in a training environment.

Each MARCO Refill Kit contains 30 individual 2-inch disposable marking sticks housed in a resealable bag and are available in red, blue, green or infrared hues. Miniature marking sticks provide the equivalent lumen output of 4-inch taped ChemLights, as seen through Night Vision Devices and are impervious to the elements; continuing to glow rain or shine, hot or cold.


MARCO is the simplest, most efficient means of carrying multiple marking lights, and reliably dispensing them, during complex room clearing operations. Using the MARCO dispenser and refillable packs in place of the traditional time-consuming method of prepping, taping and bundling chemlights, will save users critical time during pre- mission preparation.

While the MARCO was originally intended for use during urban tactical operations, it has proven to have crossover applications in the hunting, outdoor and off-road segments for marking trails, intersections or trailing downed game during reduced lighting conditions. It’s compactness, durability and ease of use is unrivaled in these applications.

For more information, technical specs or to view a video demonstration of Blue Force Gear’s MARCO Dispenser and other Blue Force Gear products, visit us at www.blueforcegear.com/marco-refill-packs.

Kits will ship Monday, when the crew gets back to work.

One Response to “Marco Refill Kits Now Available from Blue Force Gear”

  1. Pete says:

    What are the differences between these and the 1.5″ or 2″ Cyalume chems? I’m genuinely curious. In my time in, we’ve always had easy availability of the 6″ Cyalume sticks everywhere and 4″ pretty easily available but often not purchased. Also easy to get have been the round, hockey puck size adhesive ones. They never have them at the base stores and supply folk don’t seem to know they exist, but Cyalume has always had the 1.5″, 2″ and 3″ models available in the system with NSN’s and available for GPC purchase as well. And, some of us have occasionally bought (personal purchase) the super cheap (like $3/30pack shipped) little Chinese “fishing lure” models and kept a pouch full of them for marking stuff (they’re great in lume spoons), but these aren’t available in IR chems to my knowledge – only green and red. I’m curious if these are actually a different size that BFG has had custom made. Nothing wrong with just repackaging and rebranding the under-marketed Cyalume ones if that is what they’re doing, but I’m curious if these are actually a new and different product, and if so, how?