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Warrior EAST 19 – Lugger LRVS Gun Bag

The Load Roll Vac Shoot Bag by Load Lugget gets its name from how it’s used. It’s a waterproof weapon bag which can be configured so that it can be fired while still in the bag.


The Polyurethane material has a melting point at over 300 deg F, more than enough to get off that first magazine before the bag has to be peeled away from the bag. Although it isn’t shown in this photo, there’s more than enough room for a carbine equipped with an optic as well as 30 round magazine.


The bag is currently available via GSA.

4 Responses to “Warrior EAST 19 – Lugger LRVS Gun Bag”

  1. P.J. says:

    If you fire it in the bag like that won’t the ejected case stay or bounce back in the chamber?

    • StandardOperatingProcedure says:

      Even with the dust cover open before ‘sealing’ might just be good for one shot.

  2. Saint says:

    Finally, now I can hide my guns in my aquarium!!

    • SamHill says:

      If you think it is time to hide your guns in the aquarium, perhaps it is the time for us to bring them out. ???